‘What You Said’ About Terra

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A chance you can use your words to win $500.


To celebrate Terra being listed as the 10th blockchain on Dapp.com, we are hosting the “What you Said” quiz contest for Terra.


The SUPER big prizes: 


A total of $500 worth of Luna will be given to 10 winners. ($50 each, 2 winners per day)


How to join: 


From February 19th to 23rd (5 days only),  


1. Join the quiz below and answer the 3 questions about Terra. 


2. Leave an opinion of how you know/feel about Terra, $Luna, Chai or its Defi ecosystem. 


3. Press "Submit"




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Now let’s start!


Don't forget to share your answer in the above question and select "Share" to tweet. You’ll get a higher chance of winning $50 of Luna!


2 Winners will be chosen every day and their comments of Terra will be posted on this page. All the winners will receive emails within 3 days after the campaign finishes.


Day 1 Winners & Their comments:


"I participated the private sale of Terra in 2018. The team is brilliant. They just keep delivery and build Terra the most widely adopted blockchain in the world. And Terra is the only POS blockchain that can provide staking reward in unit of stablecoins. This feature allows LUNA to be valued in DCF model and made LUNA an asset with real value behind."


by wint****[email protected]



"Terra token is stablecoins (POS) used by Merchants and End-users for rewarding cashback and bonuses, which other payment processors simply can’t offer.

Luna is the staking coin to Protect Terra from volatility price fluctuations.

CHAI is Terra’s mobile payments dApp link with consumers bank account that allows to make payment.

This is a perfect Defi ecosystem for real life to utilise this token."


by ccyu*****[email protected]


Day 2 Winners & Their comments:


As per Terra’s website, its mission “is to free people from the hidden fees embedded into everyday payments. We strip away these inefficiencies by harnessing the power of blockchain technology.” To match their ambitions, they have used innovative token architecture and leveraged several vital partnerships to put themselves in the prime position to take over the financial world. Due to Terra and Luna’s potential, don’t be surprised if Luna grows explosively over 2020.


by faisala*****[email protected]


In 2018, some of the largest crypto exchanges in the world made a $32 million investment in the Terra project. The four exchanges that invested in the project were OKEx, Dunamu, Binance Labs, and Huobi Capital. Daniel Shin, who is the founder of TMON, a Korean e-commerce company that's valued around $1.7 billion, created Terra. It was the first time major global exchanges had invested in the same project. Besides these exchanges, the project received funding from venture capitalists such as 1kx and Arrington XRP.


by lu*****[email protected]


Day 3 Winners & Their comments:


While Terra is marketed as a stable coin in its whitepaper and other documents, it would be fair to see it as more of a fintech platform — think Alibaba’s Alipay on the blockchain. That’s because the project is kicking off by working with a slew of e-commerce firms across Korea and other parts of Asia.


by muzaf******[email protected]


Backed by $Luna and pegged to the world’s major currencies make $Terra is perfect as global payments. Get discounts on every purchase with Chai, a payment gateway reimagined on the Terra blockchain. It's amazing project, $Terra can change traditional payments.


by muha******[email protected]


Day 4 Winners & Their comments:


In 2018, one of my closest friends who had intensively studied cryptocurrency recommended Terra to me. He is a tech savvy and intelligent person. He has also participated in private sales.


At that time I was very new to the world of cryptocurrency. When I read the whitepaper project, I really thought the mission of this project would be difficult to realize. This looks impossible. Terra is a hugely ambitious project to build an ecosystem built entirely on top of and for the blockchain. It turns out I was wrong, now Terra has become an important part of the current financial revolution.


DeFi is the movement that leverages decentralized networks to transform old financial products into trustless and transparent protocols that run without intermediaries. The combination of Terra and $Luna are a complete and perfect package. Coupled with the foundation of Chai which already has more than 1 million users makes this project perfect. I think Chai is the next alipay.


Congratulations to the Terra team, all of you have become an important part in the history of DeFi. I salute and proud of you.


by raqib******[email protected]


Terra is one of the blockchain-based digital Terra is one of the blockchain-based digital stable coin projects that includes 2 different coins: Terra & Luna, which has succeeded in attracting large companies to use Terra in businesses such as Tmon and Yanolja, not only that Terra has also succeeded in attracting the interests of various other famous crypto investors such as Binance Labs, Polychain Capital, FBG Capital, Hashed, 1kx, Kenetic Capital, & Arrington XRP so as to make it managed to get a total fund of $ 32 million.


by ri******[email protected]


Day 5 Winners & Their comments:

The DeFi movement focuses on creating a “third way” with an entire decentralized ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and tokens, exchanges, wallets, and other blockchain-based financial infrastructure. (DeFi is an opportunity to create a financial system entirely distinct from what came before, that can exist alongside traditional banks and fintech companies without integrating into them.)


by we****[email protected]


Defi ecosystem is essentially conventional financial tools built on a blockchain, which really fit to Terra

Terra is one of the biggest player that continuing the Mass Adoption. (It's already a big hit on South Korea with million of users !!) We all know that South korea has a big market. They already step in Mongolia and sooner or later they can spread all over the world and on that time no one will ever stop the mass adoption. 


by mc*****[email protected]


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