What is the Zunami Protocol? Meet the Ultimate Yield Aggregator on Ethereum. Check out the best place to park your stablecoins!

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Zunami Protocol has been launched one month ago —  on March 18th — and has successfully gained the first wave of users! Today, the protocol is actively used by more than 100 clients, with Zunami's TVL reaching the $1,000,000 mark in the 3 weeks since its launch. Meanwhile, the all-time-high of the stablecoin strategies reached 41.35%


Zunami Protocol is the DAO that works with stablecoins and solves the main issues of current yield-farming protocols by streamlining interaction with DeFi, making it easier and cheaper while increasing profitability by differentiating and rebalancing users’ funds.


Let’s dive deeper into the gears that enable magic under the hood! 


Despite the overall complexity of the internal design, it works quite simply. Zunami Protocol solves the main issues of current yield-farming protocols by streamlining interaction with DeFi. Zunami’s proprietary solution uses less gas than through Curve-Convex, making it 4 times cheaper to interact through Zunami Protocol than directly. This application provides the best return on the market by automatically selling rewards and reinvesting the generated income. The DAO identifies the most profitable strategies, allowing holders to earn higher interest rates on their Tether (USDT), Dai (DAI), or USD Coin (USDC) stablecoins.


Strategies of Zunami

At the moment, Zunami Protocol is integrated with two platforms — Convex and Anchor. We use 3 strategies that work in parallel with each other:

— 1) LUSD pool on Convex. The LUSD stablecoin is a super-collateralized Ethereum, a model of stability and reliability to follow in DeFi. Moreover, the project itself has perfect mechanisms for pegging its stability and is currently enjoying a substantial amount of funds in pools on DEXes.


— 2) USDN pool on Convex. The USDN stablecoin is also a super-backed token, but unlike LUSD, it is backed by the Waves tokens mostly. The Waves company has been in the crypto market for over 6 years and its market value exceeds $3 billion. Despite recent USDN volatility, we consider this pool to be one of the best ones regarding return/risk ratio.


— 3) UST pool on Anchor. The UST stablecoin is issued by the Anchor platform. With TVL exceeding $15 billion, Anchor gives 19.5% APY for liquidity provided in the form of UST tokens. Offering a fixed rate of return, and in the event of a market correction, they will be able to give a better APY than Convex pools.


One can start pretty straightforward: just install Metamask or any other wallet with Wallet Connect feature support. Next, buy stablecoins. Start the Zunami App and connect your wallet. Click the “Deposit” button. That’s it, now, wait for the magic to work!


Moreover, using the “optimized deposit'' makes it possible to deposit funds within 24 hours and is much cheaper than the standard one. Deposit funds directly by paying all the fees; see funds instantly on your Dashboard, and receive Zunami LPs!


7 Reasons to use Zunami Protocol


Zunami is advancing on the DeFi market with one of the first automated asset managers in the world. This in-house non-custodial solution, which only works with stablecoins, was created with the primary objective to create a safe and profitable alternative to traditional banking deposits.


1) Top Yield Returns

Currently, Zunami Protocol provides the most lucrative returns in the DeFi market through the automatic sale of rewards and reinvestment of the received income.

2) Simplified usage

New UI makes interaction with DeFi apps smooth & easy. Perform complex interactions in one step.

3) Automated profit aggregation

A sophisticated decentralized system makes sure your finances work even while you sleep. Less hassle, more profit. Delegate, automate, enjoy.

4) Low entry threshold

Zunami Protocol establishes a new gateway to the DeFi realm making yield-farming accessible to the average user and not only to crypto whales. 

5) Cheaper transactions

Your DeFi journey is now 4 times cheaper while interacting through Zunami than using Curve or Convex directly.

6) Lockdrop support

The ZUN token will be credited through the innovative Lockdrop system to ensure the proper functioning of the platform in the long term.

7) DAO-oriented project

Zunami strives to become a trusted ecosystem driven by users of the protocol to cross out fraud and corruption.


What’s next for Zunami? 

The Zunami team aims to improve the user experience by releasing an enhanced interface in the forthcoming future. We always strive to deliver a better experience and will not stop until the end result matches the original team’s vision.

Zunami team believes in the multi-chain future and clearly sees that other blockchains are rapidly developing into ecosystems. We do not want to lag behind and therefore the team plans to add support for more networks. The next version will support Avalanche and we plan to address other gaps than in the Ethereum version concept.

Next, the Testnet is also planned as we need to test new functionality such as highly-promising Lockdrop and Staking features (you can see those features already hinted at on the Dashboard!).

And finally, the Zunami crew plans to announce and hold an investment seed round within the next month. Considering the popularity of this new DeFi solution, fast-growing TVL, and astonishing APY, we see no problem in achieving these ambitious goals.


You can check out the detailed roadmap on the official website.

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