What Is TomoIssuer and How to Use It?

2021-03-19 02:00:00 · 30 views · 3 min read


Issue your own customized token without any coding!



Having a great business idea and what to unleash its potential by the blockchain power? Maybe you are considering



Having a token to kickstart. But…. oops… don’t know anything about coding? 



Don’t worry. TomoIssuer can help you to create your own token with 0 coding requirements. 



“User-Friendly Interface”

"No programming skills required"

"Flexible token customizability"



Anyone can easily issue a TRC21 token on TomoChain in a few steps!



Step ①

Go to TomoIssuer website, select "Issue New Token" and unlock your wallet.



Step ②

Set the below various token parameters on the token issuance dashboard.


Step ③

On the next screen, check whether there is any mistake in the information about the token entered in step ②.


Step ④


Now, the tokens have been issued. You can click “View Detail” to see your token details. 



Go build your business now!





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