What Is Street Fighter and How to Collect?

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Capcom and WAX have teamed up to bring digital collectibles for the legendary fighting franchise. You can buy, sell, and trade Street Fighter digital trading cards on WAX blockchain as NFTs. Each NFT trade is certified, authentic, unique, and can never be altered.



You can start by opening packs of Build Cards, then combine two matching Build Cards to unlock a new card with one of six rarities. Continue upgrading that card's power score by adding additional Build Cards. Once you reach a power score of five, you unlock a special Class Card in one of 6 rarities. Build cards are burned when used, which increases card scarcity and value. The WAX Blockchain ensures your Street Fighter collectible is 100% verifiable as authentic and can never be changed or duplicated. 



In April, Street Fighter’s 30d users increased by 798.36% to 79.51K.

Currently, Street Fighter ranks No.3 by 30d users in all game dapps. It’s the blockchain game with the second largest user growth last month.

The daily users broke ATH 38,697 on 20th Apr



How to Collect?

To purchase packs: 

Log in to streetfighter.cards with a WAX Cloud Wallet account, select your packs, and complete the purchase. 



To purchase individual cards: 

Visit a WAX marketplace like AtomicMarket or Waxplorer. You can also pay with WAX tokens on a marketplace.



To upgrade your cards:

Street Fighter NFTs come in 8 stunning rarities - Build, Base, Foil, Battle, Weld, Action, Collector’s Edition, Class. The packs only contain Build Cards. You can combine Build Cards to produce final cards with 1 of 6 rarities.




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