What Is Stoic? Meet Simple Automated Crypto Trading That Did 25X

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Trading is the most obvious way to make money in crypto. In theory, it’s very simple: buy low and sell high. And that’s how it used to be during previous bull markets of 2013 and 2017.



Today, new traders need to complete with seasoned whales, trading robots, and institutional investors. To have a fighting chance, traders need a way to automate trading and Stoic could be the answer.



This article will show how crypto trading changed, what is Stoic (made +2,518% since March 2020!), why every trader should at least try it, and how to use it.



How Crypto Trading Changed


Back then lots of new buyers were entering the market and there were relatively few experienced traders, underdeveloped trading infrastructure, and virtually no institutions.



This bull run is different: 

  • Only the best traders weathered both crypto winters but grew into whales by simply surviving since 2013. 

  • Institutional investors, ranging from hedge funds and VCs to investment banks and giants like Fidelity, entered the market. 

  • Trading infrastructure evolved: both crypto pricing data and API connectivity are widely available and anyone can connect a bot to their exchange account. 


Today the competition in crypto trading is higher than it ever was. 



Meanwhile, emotions never change. The fear of missing out when prices surges are just as strong as it was in 2013. And the fears of loss is probably even greater. It’s painful to see losses on a small account. But after an account 10x, even 5% losses look larger and cause more pain. 



These emotions are the hardest things to overcome. As a result, most people buy high and sell low. And the bots on the other side of the trade are happy to take that.



Crypto bots, however, are easily available but choosing the right one isn’t easy. Selecting a strategy for the bot is a job in itself. 



That’s where Stoic comes useful. 




What Is Stoic? 


Stoic is a simple automated crypto trading app developed by Cindicator. 



From a user’s perspective, it’s very simple and easy to use: just install the app and scan the QR code to connect the Binance exchange account via API keys. 



Stoic then does all the heavy lifting of selecting cryptos, buying and selling.



Under the hood, however, is the technology that was built for an actual hedge fund Cindicator Capital. 

Here is how Stoic works: 

  • 163,000+ analysts generate the data, which ML uses to create indicators;

  • A quant algorithm takes market pricing data and indicators as inputs and produces trade signals;

  • The trading platform algorithmically executes the trades on the daily basis, creating orders on Binance via the API.


The current strategy is a long-only portfolio of altcoins with daily rebalancing. Since its inception in March 2020, the strategy returned +2,518%, beating Bitcoin.



Since then users connected Binance accounts that collectively hold $50 million in crypto. 




5 Reasons to Try Stoic


Stoic gives retail traders an edge in the increasingly complex crypto market. And unlike most other bots in the market, it’s suitable for complete beginners and experienced traders alike.



Here are at least five reasons why every trader should try Stoic. 



Easy Setup

There are no complicated settings or options to choose from. A tested quant strategy works right out of the box. Simply install the mobile app and scan the QR code connect via API. 



Secure Storage

Crypto remains on your Binance account, there is no need to transfer it anywhere. The API key only authorises Stoic to read the balance and trade. It does not have the rights to withdraw anything — that’s very obvious when you create your Binance API key. 




Since March 2020 until, Stoic made +2,518% as of May 2020, beating Bitcoin yet alone the stock market. You can see past performance in the demo mode in the app. You can also tap on any part of the chat and see returns and balance on that date. 




The only fee is 5% of the balance, paid in advance. This covers the whole year of trading. For many users, Stoic paid for itself in just several days. To start, the Binance account balance should be at least $1,000 in any crypto — the fee will be just $50. 



Withdraw Any Time

Unlike with funds, there is no lock-up or even a withdrawal notice. Crypto remains in your Binance account so you have full control and can take profits whenever you want. 



Now that we’ve covered the reasons to try Stoic, let’s see how to actually do that. 




How to Use Stoic 


Here is how to automate your crypto trading with Stoic: 

  1. Install the Stoic mobile app for iOS or Android. Sign up with an email and select your exchange: Binance US (for US users) or global Binance (for everybody else).

  2. Enter the size of your account to pay the 5% fee. You can start with $1k. If your account balance is larger

  3. Pay the calculated fee by sending USDT as ERC-20 (this doesn’t include the Ethereum gas fee). 

  4. In your Binance exchange, create an API key — you’ll see the QR code. 

  5. Open up your Stoic app and scan the QR code to connect the account.


That’s it! Stoic will start trading automatically and doesn’t require any further tinkering. In fact, it’s best to just leave it do the work and let compounding happen.




Now Is The Time


The best time to trade crypto was during the 2013 bull run. As long as they survived, even traders with $1k accounts would have mid-six figures now. 



The second best time to start is now. Whatever happens, crypto is here to stay. So try Stoic now.



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