What Is Pulse?

2021-06-13 22:05:00 · 33 views · 3 min read


If you love predicting outcomes, or even trade with your prediction, try Pulse on the NEAR Protocol.



Here below is a simple explanation about Pulse by NEAR supporters on Twitter so you can get a brief acknowledgement.

What is market prediction? Last year, we introduced FTX’s prediction market for the US Presidential Election. You predict the result of a future event. Simple question with only 2 opposite answers. If your prediction is correct, then you’ll win the other side’s money!

For example, in Pulse, there are various types of predictions going on at present: Stocks, Esports, Memes, Politics, Viral, Crypto, Sports and Startups. Will France win against Germany on June 15th? You can put your nDAI in and make a prediction. 



How’s Pulse’s on-chain performance? Check the dashboards below.

The 90d Unique Trader Amount, which represents the number of unique users who trade in Pulse’s prediction market, sharply increased by 7705.36%. The 90d Dex Trading Volume increased by 368.05%, and the 90d Trade Count increased by 2170.04%. All the on-chain data broke the ATH in April 2021.



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