OVER Marketplace Gets Expanded To Officially Include Clothing And Accessories

2022-11-23 15:04:18 · 64 views · 5 min read

If there is one name that is quickly becoming synonymous with both the fashion and NFT industry, it’s Over the Reality (OVER). This is a fully decentralized platform which has revolutionized how users can take part in the burgeoning fashion space which has also existed for the longest time.

In order to keep providing users with the best fashion-based services and features, the OVER team has announced that the OVER Marketplace has been expanded to now include both clothing and accessories. Through this development, users can now further define their unique digital identities through enhanced avatar customization capabilities.



Why does this matter?

Establishing a digital identity online is rapidly becoming a requirement nowadays as the world prepares for the seemingly inevitable transition into a Web3 era. In this new age, everyone around the world will be connected in ways previously deemed inconceivable as entire metaverses are being built in which people can live, work and play together in a fully digital environment.

Naturally, this kind of interest has piqued the interest of those present in the fashion industry too, as through the innovative utilization of emerging technologies, this sector is being revolutionized by OVER as aforementioned. Put simply, the blockchain-oriented AR platform allows users to customize 'live' interactive AR experiences in the physical world using a mobile device or smart glasses. As a result, OVER has evolved into a new AR standard that streamlines experiences tailored to each user's unique position and personal tastes. OVER has already made significant progress in this area, as evidenced by the TINUS Affiliate Program and the recent introduction of the OVER Arwards' revamped edition.



What’s there to know about the expansion?

Through the expansion of the marketplace, users can now choose and buy 3D clothing designed by international 3D creators and digital stylists to express their personal tastes and overall aesthetic. Moreover, the launch allows customers to purchase exclusive collectibles, which can be used to start or expand their digital asset collection. As a matter of fact, OVER itself also presented its inaugural collection of NFT dresses designed to be worn digitally as part of the expansion. Furthermore, the expansion is significant because the AR Metaverse is often seen as a platform for the convergence of art, design, and technology, and the expansion shall therefore assist in fueling this digital breakthrough.

By doing so, the OVER team is hastening both the growth of the fashion industry and the mainstream attention given to the abovementioned emerging technologies. No longer will users be restricted by material or color constraints as the power is being given back to the people.



What is OVER’s endgame?

Through this expansion, OVER desires to support and undertake an ideology of bringing the fashion sector into Web3. It therefore wants to be a hub for the distribution of 3D creations by creators and fashion brands. The OVER Marketplace is hence rapidly expanding and establishing itself as the OVER Metaverse's core. NFTs created or purchased by creators, collectors, and users can thus be easily shared and displayed. The platform’s native token, OVR, also helps the platform further improve upon its respective services and features.

Last but not least, users can now experience the metaverse as a more interconnected environment within their own reality, allowing them to determine how they want to be seen by others. Everybody is understandably ecstatic about what OVER is doing, and it is an exciting time for not only the platform, but also the overall fashion industry and Web3.

Visit the official website along with the social media channels for more information and regular updates.



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