What Is Neural Punks and How to Mint It?

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Neural Punks is an AI generated CryptoPunks art on Binance Smart Chain. 



There are a total of 7777 AI NFT Punks. When you buy a Neural Punk you receive an AI Token which you can use for changing the name of your AI Punk! Neural Punks is not affiliated with Larva Labs, but inspired by the great influence of CryptoPunks in the crypto-art space.

The Neural Punks are created based on 10000 CryptoPunks as a dataset, 8 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU, a couple of StyleGAN2 AI models, 3 nights of coding, and a whole galaxy of inspiration and beer, RedBull, Vim... and also a quart of Solidity, a quart of JS, a case of Truffle and two web servers. With such a wide range of reference, the Neural Punks are full of diversity.



How to Mint Neural Punks?

It’s very easy to mint your own Neural Punks, because all the work is done by AI.

You just need to enter the amount of Neural Punks you want, and pay the bill. All the Neural Punks you mint are non-fungible tokens that are only and fully controlled by yourself, stored on the Binance Smart Chain. 



If you still want to own a CryptoPunk on the Ethereum blockchain, you can check our previous article for more information: How to Buy A CryptoPunk?



AI Punks Tokens

Every time you buy a Neural Punk NFT you will receive 5 AI Punks tokens which you can HODL, show to your friends, wait for a rocket to the Moon, or use them to change your Neural Punk's name!



Once the first tier closes, the project will add the liquidity of AI Token to PancakeSwap.



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