Naughtyz: Play and Earn Metaverse gaming platform

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Introducing Naughtyz

Welcome to Naughtyz! Naughtyz is a Play and Earn Metaverse gaming platform which users can utilize their NFT to play and compete against other players to receive rewards. As a 3D Modeling NFT character of the ERC-721 standard running on the Ethereum network. Naughtyz is provided in 3D as the owner's game and Planet avatar along with digital artwork that can be freely used in profiles, etc. Naughtyz will be able to freely radiate their energies according to their will and methods in a living, interactive Planet.
For example 10,000 Naughtyz are divided into 8 personalities, each with a value ranging from 0 to 5. Therefore, 10,000 Naughtyz cannot be two with the same personality.

Each Naughtyz will be reflected in the metaverse.

- Righteous, Virtuous, Curious, Evil, Cunning, Unpredictable, Indifferent, Fiery



Naughtyz Planet

Naughtyz Planet is the virtual world metaverse that hosts the web3 play and earn game. The Planet covers an expansive area to form a suitable environment capable of comfortably housing 10,000 players.  There is a network of roads  which are designed around the central plaza, the stage, and the marketplace. There are a number of stadiums scattered throughout the land as well.
The Planet includes facilities such as billboards and concert halls.  With these facilities, our community will grow and could enable branded experiences for corporate sponsors that are keen on joining our project.
In Naughtyz Planet, different games are played at random in a specific place.

The game will initially start as a ranking competition (We call it "ultimate challenge") in the form of a large athletic meet with a physics engine based on Run&Jump, but as Naughtyz get to know and find their abilities, it will change and develop into a game with various rules
For example you can participate in the race game or cross the sea that you can't walk through with the transport you'll be minting in the future.
In addition, special temporary effects such as reinforcement effects can be given to characters or transports through crystals. These can be found on the roadmap, and future global expansion will revolve around marketplaces (refer to gitbook glossaries Transport & Crystals)


How to earn & use $Ncore

 Meet $NCORE, the utility token within the Naughtyz Planet. Also known as $NCORE, it is an Ethereum-based governance token that controls the metaverse economy.

▫️ You can earn $NCORE by competing in multiplayer Ultimate challenge.

▫️ You will receive $NCORE every week for each Ultimate challenge ranking.

How do I use $NCORE?

▫️ $NCORE is used throughout the game ecosystem as a utility for purchase character, Transport, game ticket and upgrade Transport or character.

▫️ You can buy special abilities that you can use in the challenge.

▫️ You can get incentives when the Planet expands. At this point, $NCORE is used to ensure that more incentives are available.


How do I participate in the 'Ultimate Challenge'?

▫️ Ultimate challenge games are exclusive to Naughtyz holders. A game ticket is required to participate in the game, and reward is given according to the game result, and even for most participants who did not rank, a game ticket roughly equivalent to the exhausted game ticket is given as a bonus.  game ticket is divided into 3 pieces, so you need to put a game ticket together to register a ticket. (In some cases, a combined ticket may be created with a special effect, for example 1+1)
Acquisition of game tickets, not through games, can be obtained by purchasing tickets for insufficient pieces through $NCORE, the currency of this Planet, in the Naughtyz Marketplace, or by participating in events.


The types of games continue to increase and change due to the self-discovery of characters and the appearance of Transport in the first large athletic meet-type game. Games in the Android / Apple ecosystem for mobile will be launched in the future.

Our Naughtyz Planet plans to continuously expand maps with diverse environments. The expanded map can be moved through Transport, and users who do not own Transport can move to new place by paying part of the transportation fee at $NCORE. In addition, collecting Transport's enhancement data and reviewing the balance, it plans to introduce a character's ability enhancement system.

Minting of Naughtyz is your key to unlock a world of mystery and excitement.


Mint day : December 20th (GMT+0 2PM)

(9 AM in USA, 2 PM in Europe , 9 PM Vietnam , 10 PM in China)

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