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These days, crypto gambling has gained remarkable popularity, and crypto enthusiasts do not leave their enthusiasm behind when it comes to this fun and engaging activity. And it is no surprise that crypto casinos have become so popular, considering that such platforms offer plenty of advantages to their users. 


And among all the Bitcoin casinos available on the market, Nanogames is one of the platforms that can teach all of us what it takes to keep your users close and offer a positive user experience. 


Nanogames was launched in 2020, and according to the team behind the project, it is a crypto casino built by gamblers for gamblers. And could only have one outcome: positive, of course. 


The crypto casino was built based on blockchain technology and uses its own cryptocurrency, which is called Nano. The token is used as the primary cryptocurrency for all games on the website. Thus, users can earn, deposit, or withdraw Nano directly from their Nanogames account.


Nanogames also has an app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. This highly contributes to the overall user experience, as gamblers are able to use the platform on their mobile devices. Considering that crypto gambling can be a way of relaxing for many crypto enthusiasts, this can be a remarkable advantage for Nanogames.



Redefining Crypto Gambling


Nanogames is undoubtedly aiming to bring something new to the crypto-gambling industry. And the first interesting fact about the platform is that it has developed its own cryptocurrency. Of course, this does not mean that users should hold the cryptocurrency in order to register. Nanogames currently accepts 7 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Binance (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), and Tron (TRX).


Besides, Nanogames focuses on protecting its users as much as possible. Firstly, all games available on the platform are provably fair, meaning that users can check the game's fairness. Also, Nanogames is constantly working on maintaining its transparency, which can be vital for the crypto casino’s long-term success.


At the moment, Nanogames offers plenty of crypto gambling games for its users, including classic games, such as blackjack, dice, roulette, or poker. Besides, the platform offers live casino games and video poker, and this may acquire some new users over time. 



Taking Crypto Bonuses to a New Level


When it comes to crypto casinos, rewarding them periodically is a very efficient way of keeping users close. So, Nanogames focuses on rewarding users as much as possible, and the results are not late to the party: the platform has millions of visits, and hundreds of bets are placed every minute. 


At the moment, the most intriguing bonus available on Nanogames is a free signup bonus and a daily chance to win 10 ETH. New players can receive a free daily Lucky Spin, thus having the chance of winning up to 10 ETH. This bonus is an excellent opportunity to increase your winnings, as you receive a free spin daily. 



How to Get the Bonus?


If you aim to get the free signup bonus provided by Nanogames, you can use the “Bonus777” referral code. The steps to getting the bonus are pretty easy to follow:


1. Copy the “Bonus777” referral code;

2. Visit the Nanogames signup page;

3. Click on “Sign up”;

4. Expand the “Referral/Promo Code” page;

5. Paste the referral code into the new section;

6. Complete the registration form by adding your details;

7. Enjoy your free daily Lucky Spin and all the platform's other bonuses.


Besides, Nanogames has developed a VIP program designed to reward users who play regularly. As a VIP member, a crypto gambler can have additional benefits such as exclusive promotions, bonuses, rewards, and customer support provided by the Nanogames team. 


To become a VIP member, a user should play any game available on Nanogames regularly and earn points. Users are not required to play only one game to enter the VIP program. However, they get the chance to play as many games as they might like.


The more points a user earns, the higher their VIP level will be. Currently, there are 5 VIP levels, ranging from Bronze to Diamond. On, users can earn points by playing games, participating in challenges, and making deposits.  



Learn More

If you want to learn more about Nanogames and its latest bonus releases, do not hesitate to check the official Nanogames website. Furthermore, you can join Nanogames on Discord, GitHub, Twitter, and Telegram.

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