The only social project in Binance Labs Incubation Season 3. Why is it selected?

2021-11-23 02:47:03 · 48 views · 5 min read

Binance Labs announces the final 9 projects for its Incubation Season 3. While Defi, game projects accounted for the vast majority of seats, there is one social dapp on the list. It is Mint Club.


Why is it selected? Why is it special?

Mint Club is a smart token building platform built on Binance Smart Chain


You don’t need to know how to code. Just simply click on the buttons step-by-step to mint your project economy. Then your token will be issued on the Binance Smart chain. What’s more, you don’t need to have a lump sum of funds to provide liquidity for your token. Mint Club’s feature of the bonding curve will help with that. 


The algorithmic bonding price curve enables tokens to be purchased or liquidated at anytime. Why? Simply speaking, the algorithm makes tokens to be minted when the price is up and burned when the price is down.


After you mint your token on Mint Club, users can trade the token directly on Mint Club platform. You do not need to provide liquidity to enable the trading. 


Really a lot of users trading on Mint Club? Data won’t lie.

The user/volume/transaction data gradually grow from 23rd Aug to ATH on 17th Nov, and then drop half after that. The average daily users is around 100 and the volume is around $35k per day. Still have a long way to go compare to Pancakeswap. ($uni, $sushi and $cake, Which One Is Undervalued?)


💡The $MINT token price moves together with the Mint Club users and transaction numbers. When the users number starts to grow on 19th Oct, the $MINT price starts to up as well. And they both reach ATH on 17th Nov (Users ATH 312, $MINT ATH $0.00009)


Above is the fundamental on-chain data analysis for Mint Club. If you are a $MINT token investor, you also need to check its technical data - token holders, active address and transfer volume which are very crucial token indicators.


$MINT token active address indicators the potential price peak.


To be an Alpha trader, check its transfer volume indicator here.


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