Blockchain Lottery. Becoming a co-owner of the gaming business just got easier.

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What is Magic Lotto?

Magic Lotto is a decentralized lottery built on the scalable Qchain blockchain.

The blockchain lottery provides an unprecedented level of transparency and honesty in the draws, eliminating the human factor and relying entirely on smart contracts that automatically control all transactions on the platform.



Advantages of Magic Lotto

The Magic Lotto blockchain lottery has several advantages in comparison to existing counterparts on the cryptocurrency market.

It includes:

  • Transparency and fairness of the draws

  • Security

  • Instant payments

  • No human factor

  • Automatization of draws through smart contracts

  • Privacy

  • Availability anywhere in the world (Internet accessibility)

  • Intuitive interface


Blockchain technology is the main factor that defines the evolution of the lottery industry.


Many problems are solved due to smart contracts that impartially perform all the functions of accepting payments, randomly determining winning combinations and distributing winnings to winners' wallets.


Lack of trust on the platform, zero transparency, fraud in.... - all of this has faded into oblivion with the advent of Magic Lotto.



Comparative characteristics of blockchain lotteries

Let's turn to analytical services and highlight a few lotteries that have their own (though not a large) user base and transaction volume of over $5,000 in the last 30 days.

We get 5 blockchain platforms, including Magic Lotto:

Magic Lotto.

Lottery Pig Miner.

Cashverse Weekly Lottery

Zillionaires Lottery

Lottery on Chains



This is a comparison table of the lotteries according to several criteria:


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