What Is Lightening Cash and How to Analyze $LIC Token Price?

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If any individuals or parties recognize your address on Binance Smart Chain, they can find out all transactions or even your balance through block explorers such as BSCscan. This enables them to analyze your wallet addresses, track your transactions, your fund flow, or any on-chain activities.



Lightening Cash is a protocol run on Binance Smart Chain, aiming to provide privacy protection of individual finance in DeFi applications on BSC. It uses Zero-Knowledge proof in order to provide users with privacy on their blockchain-based transactions. Zero-knowledge proofs protect user privacy with a cryptographic layer that allows data to be shared between parties without disclosing the actual data itself. 

To use Lightening Cash, you’ll need to first deposit your cryptocurrencies into its smart contracts. Then the protocol encrypts the transaction such that a validator on the BSC can confirm its validity without needing to know the details of the transaction itself. Because it’s encrypted, it’s not viewable on the BSC ledger.



Lightening Cash also provides long-term sustainable yield farming. $LIC Token is the utility token of Lightening Cash. $LIC holders have voting rights for the development of the protocol. $LIC holders can also use $LIC to farm and stake $LIC. In return, farmers and stakers earn $LIC tokens as rewards.



If you want to consider investing in $LIC, you need to check the below 3 dashboards - $LIC Net Buy Amount, Active LP for $LIC on Pancake and $LIC Liquidity Pool on Pancake.



1. $LIC Liquidity on Pancake Pools

The higher the $LIC Liquidity on Pancake Pools, the more crypto assets are put into the $LIC liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. Before putting $LIC assets into the Pancake liquidity pool, users will need to buy $LIC first. So basically, high liquidity means more users are buying $LIC to provide liquidity, hence a bullish signal.



The $LIC Liquidity on Pancake Pools has experienced a decline since 22nd March. So please be aware of the future price correction.



2. Active LP for $LIC on Pancake

The active liquidity providers for $LIC on Pancake keeps increasing since 21st March. Although the liquidity showed in dashboard 1 decreased, there are more and more users providing liquidity to the $LIC pool and participating in the liquidity mining.



3. $LIC Net Buy Amount

The $LIC net buy amount first went to the peak of 2.33M on 22nd March, then dropped sharply to below zero, which means there are more people selling than buying. Notice if there will be a possible price correlation for the $LIC token.



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