HashLand Universe

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HashLand is the world's first decentralized synthetic asset platform that combines intellectual property and hashrate assets. At the same time, it has assembled a variety of different types of GameFi, the purpose is to provide the majority of BSC users with work opportunities in the mode of Play to Earn. In the HashLand universe, every user is called summoner. As the HashLand universe is built more and more perfect, every summoner can live and work in the HashLand universe with a different identity. The HashLand universe is composed of HashLand NFT, HashLand Coin ($HC) and GameFi.



Contract address: 0xa6e78ad3c9b4a79a01366d01ec4016eb3075d7a0

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Total: 21,000,000

Pre-mining: 2,100,000

Daily output: 7200

Deflation model: 0.25 HC per block; 7,200 HC per day; 10% reduction every 3 months for a period of three years.

Percentage of output:


HashLand NFT

NFT owns major well-known IPs. After integrating HashLand elements, a complete HashLand NFT is formed. In the HashLand universe, HashLand NFT has hash rate empowerment and has HC hash rate starting from the two-star card. The hash rate data is displayed above each NFT. On HashLand's official website, the summoner only needs to insert the NFT he obtained into the corresponding card slot to obtain sustainable mining income. In addition, the initial level of the card is Tier 1, and every four Tier 1 NFT cards can be combined into a Tier 2 NFT card, and so on, up to Tier 5 NFT cards. After the upgrade, the NFT card mining income will have a qualitative leap. After upgrading from Tier 1 to Tier 2, Bitcoin hashrate will also increase from 100%-110% to 110%-120%. At the same time, Tier 2 NFT cards will also increase HC hash rate, and continue to produce HC. The card data is compared to the table below.

HashLand NFT can participate in all GameFi in the HashLand universe and participate in the Play to Earn work mode. The higher the level of HashLand NFT, the higher the income from GameFi.


Hash Warfare

Hash Warfare is the first brand new game based on blockchain in the HashLand universe. It uses Defi and NFT technology to allow thousands of gamers to access the encrypted world. For the first time, players can truly "own" their game assets. Players can use the tradable HashLand NFT card to experience PVE mode, PVP mode, and even play against other players in the guild against BOSS. You can get rewards after completing tasks and levels.

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