Become a Blockchain Artist on Editional - What is It And How to Use?

2019-06-02 07:00:00 · 31 views · 3 min read

It’s never too late to become an artist.


Editional is the perfect place where you can create and discover limited edition collectibles on the blockchain. Your artwork will be truly unique and you will be liberated in a certain way that tokenize and monetize your creativity. Plus, NO blockchain techniques required.


About Editional

Editional is a social network for creating, collecting, and sharing rare collectibles. Each time you create a new collectible other users are able to claim a free Edition of your art. Once all Editions are claimed by the community, they can no longer be collected directly from the artist.


So, How to Srart?

1. Download and install Editional App on your iOS device

Go find the Editional App on the Apple Store.


Note: The app is only available for iOS devices for now.

2. Sign up

Sign up with your phone number. You can always complete your profile and wallet info later.


3. Go create something UNIQUE now

If you are familiar with Instagram, this part should be really easy for you. If not, follow the steps as below and you will get there in just a second. 


This time, we are going to create a unique photograph. First, click “CREATE ” or click the link of "create your first collectible" in the app. 

Then, pick one photo that you'd like to start with. You can either snap a photo or choose one from your phone library. Click "NEXT" to confirm.

Of course, you are allowed to edit the photo—there’re many filters and tools that you can use. We suggest you go crazy and experiment a few :) 


Also, you can configure how many editions (up to 51) are created by clicking on the edition count in the upper left of the creation screen. Let’s go with 10, click “OK”.

Then, name your collectible—let's call it "Untitled.", confirm and click “CREATE”. By the way, you can comment on your work too!

It's ok to go back to your profile page while it's still "creating" because it might take more than 30 seconds or minutes to see your artwork show up on your feed, please be patient. 


Congratulations! You just created your first collectible on Editional. Don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.

Now looks like we’ve created two identical collectibles / crypto art, whatever you want to call it. Also, we’ve just got two new followers! So it’s our turn to explore, follow others’ work, and claim some collectibles!



We’re here to see what’s the next for Ediontional and how are they going to expand the network to those non-blockchain crowd. Meanwhile, go try to create your crypto art on Editional, share it with your friends, and let us know what you think. 

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