What is DTube and What Can You Earn From it?

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In our previous article 7 YouTube Alternatives You Should Try, we introduced 7 decentralized Youtube dapps you should try. One of the most popular Youtube Alternatives is DTube



So what is DTube, how does it differ from Youtube, and what will you earn from it as a content creator?




What Is DTube?


To comprehend DTube we should initially discuss and comprehend Steemit, a blockchain-based online networking stage that propelled in July of 2016. Everyone can earn rewards by posting, curating, and up-voting relevant content



Looking similar to Youtube, DTube is short for Decentralized Tube. It is a fully decentralized open-source video platform. Videos can be uploaded through popular decentralized techs such as IPFS, BTFS, or Skynet, then published on social blockchains such as Hive, Steem, or Avalon.


So DTube has all the benefits of blockchain. It is a platform where you can post, explore, upvote, and comment on videos in a censorship-free environment. Users will earn cryptocurrency rewards (DTC) for their video creations.




How Does DTube Differ From Youtube?



Non-censorship is one of the advantages of blockchain decentralization, meaning nobody controls what users upload and send. No video uploaded on DTube can be obstructed to watchers in light of copyright or non-family friendly content.



Numerous clients appreciate this aspect as it genuinely engages their innovativeness unbounded



You Can’t Delete Content

A constant worry with DTube is that what goes on the blockchain, remains on the blockchain – which by design cannot be tampered with.  You as of now can't erase a video from your channel. Once it’s uploaded, it stays online forever. This also means users need to be 100% confident in the content they upload because they cannot edit the video later.



No Ads

Another good feature of using the Steemit platform is that there are no advertisements. Viewers can enjoy a pure viewing experience without being disrupted with business messages.




So What Can You Earn As A Content Creator on DTube?


By posting and voting on content, you can earn D.Tube coins (DTC) as a reward. According to the DTube website that, 1,000,000 DTC have been sold out in the 1st round of token sale. And the price is $0.10 each DTC. 



DTube will NOT "recommend" any videos for users, the community gets to decide it. If people like and vote for your video, it will gain traction and rank among the trending videos. And you will get more DTC in rewards. 



Hear What Dapp.com Community Says about D.Tube: 


Let us know your rating and reviews too!



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