What Is dFuture?

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dFuture is a decentralization futures trading platform that revolutionizes the existing trading model, so that traders, LP and arbitrageurs can have a fairer, safer and more profitable trading environment. 


For Traders:

  • Asset Security - the asset is locked in the smart contract when it is opened and controlled by the trader;

  • No Pin - all transaction logic is completed by smart contract, open and transparent, no price manipulation;

  • No Slippage - the trader trades at the external fed price with no slippage.


Traders will also receive $DFT token rewards, which is called Trading mining. Trading mining DFT reward is based on the proportion of the trader’s effective trading volume from the previous day compared to the total effective trading volume of the platform that day.



For Arbitrageurs:

  • Low Risk Arbitrage - there is room for arbitrageurs to make profits with centralized exchanges;

  • Trading Depth - the trading depth depends on the LP pool, which can far exceed the trading depth of most exchanges that use order book.



For Liquidity Providers:

  • Single Currency Deposit - LPs only need to deposit USDT;

  • No Impermanent Loss - LPs will not face impermanent loss when withdrawing USDT from the LP pool;

  • Single LP Pool Supports Multiple Trading Pairs - one USDT based LP pool supports multiple trading pairs, and LP can obtain profit from these multiple trading pairs.


The current APR for this USDT pool is 129.16%.



You can also earn $DFT by providing liquidity to the DFT/BNB pool in PancakeSwap, or directly staking your $DFT tokens.

The APR is higher than staking in the USDT pool. However, the risk is also higher, as you’ll have to bear the price fluctuations of the $DFT token.



If you’d like to provide liquidity to $DFT, it’s necessary to track dFuture’s Dashboard because of the high correlation between the token price and the DEX’s on-chain performance.

The dashboard demonstrates that when the Unique Trader Amount hit ATH on 1st Mar, the Dex Trading Volume and the Trade Counts hit ATH on 5th Mar, the $DFT token price followed the trend and peaked at $0.89 on 8th Mar 2021.




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