What Is Altura NFT?

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Altura NFT is a marketplace for buying, selling and sending NFTs. What’s more, it’s a gaming NFT marketplace.



Altura NFT aims to synchronize gaming, blockchain, and NFTs. It brings value to in-game items by letting game developers create Smart NFTs representing these items. Smart NFTs are NFTs with dynamic properties that can change based on certain conditions. Imagine a video game sword that gets stronger every time it is used to slay a monster. 



Altura NFTs give the option to embed NFTs into the Loot Boxes with true randomness and make them available in the game via the blockchain.



Altura NFT also provides access to an NFT marketplace where the users can transact NFTs that are created through the platform, launched on 8th Jul.



The users can list their NFTs on the marketplace and sell them via an auction. It allows users to mint NFTs which are stackable and non-stackable while having the ability to control royalty fees, properties, circulating and maximum supply. 



As for the Altura Token, $ALU, it’s a BEP20 token that can be used to buy and sell the NFTs on the marketplace. With Altura’s launch of their collectible Founder NFTs, users will be able to stake $ALU to receive these NFTs as rewards. Yes, you can do NFT farming on Altura.

The dashboard shows that the volume hit ATH on 18th Jul and just 2 days later on 20th Jul the $ALU price also broke ATH. The $ALU token price has a high correlation to the Altura NFT’s volume.




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