What Are Charged Particles and How to Mint?

2021-04-22 23:50:00 · 33 views · 4 min read



An NFT lover as well as a cryptocurrency trader? Charged Particles Protocol satisfies you all at once. It allows you to deposit any ERC tokens into any Non-Fungible Token (NFT)



A scarce NFT (e.g. art, collectables, virtual real estate, in-game items, etc) can now be transformed into a basket holding several other tokens. A “Particle” is any NFT that, via the Charged Particles Protocol, is minted with an interest-bearing token (e.g. aDAI) to accrue interest over time, giving the token a “Charge.” Customizable time-locks and programmable yield offer the infinite ability for creativity.



With Charged Particles, you can create a truly unique NFT, and it’s important to note that NFTs created via Charged Particles are still standard non-custodial NFTs (ERC-721s) that can be sold on popular marketplaces like Rarible or Opensea, but you’re enabling them to easily hold other tokens and have programmable principal & interest. Your piece of rare crypto art can be loaded with an intrinsic value — filled with other tokens. Interest-bearing tokens, Speculative Tokens, Social Tokens, LP Tokens… Even other NFTs!



How to mint it?

  • Upload a jpg, png or gif file for your NFT

  • Enter a name and the description

  • Add the token and amount you’d like to deposit in your NFT

  • Click “Mint particle”, and it’s done!

You can tell from the Charged Particle’s data dashboard that, when the project just launched, all its users, transactions and volume reached ATH on 17th Feb. However, its on-chain performance sharply dropped from 17th to 24th Feb and continued downturn.



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