News Leak, Prize Winner and More You Need to Know about Unstoppable Domain AMA

2020-03-09 07:00:00 · 49 views · 2 min read

The largest, most insightful AMA session happened last week with Brad from Unstoppable Domain in community with 68k members!


1200+ questions asked!


5000+ dappanimal .crypto domains claimed!


$500 ETH giveaway to the best question and 10 valuable questions!


1. News Leak


The 1st decentralized exchange to support .crypto address wallet?



Browers and mobile browsers? & Unstoppable Domain partnership?



2. .crypto’s Connection with Wallets and Browsers

Supported wallets: Trust, Atomic, Coinomi


Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Brave



3. Why We Need A .crypto Domain? What Useful Features That

Unstoppable Domain Is Actually Offering?


A .crypto Domain vs Traditional Domains

Keywords: Anti-censorship, Real control of your website




Brad: "A censorship-resistant internet is very useful in our opinion. Free speech is under attack around the world and internet tools are used to help this censorship. Giving the user control solves this problem."


Real control


Brad: "No one storing the domains and your website for you, it is all on a blockchain."


B .crypto Payment vs Traditional Crypto Address Payment


Keywords: Cheaper, More secure, Human-readable simple. “The decentralized web will be better for all users”


Make Crypto Payment Simple


Brad: "You attach your crypto addresses and then just tell your friends your domain. For example, mine is brad.crypto. Type it into Trust Wallet right now and you’ll see how it works. You can track your transaction on Etherscan or Open Sea."


About Security


Brad: "Blockchain domains are a self custody product. It’s like storing your crypto in Trust Wallet or another self custody

wallet. So more of what we’re doing is around education to ensure that your private keys are safe. We don’t store your

domains for you. We’re also doing things like adding 2 factors to our website to make your account extra secure.



What Additional Thing You Can't Miss?


6 and 7 character domains are launched! Come and get a valuable one before selling out! Grab it here! 





11 Winners and their questions 

Best Question $100ETH Award


How useful are the features that Unstoppable offers? Besides making crypto payment simple, what features can be offered to

users? And what are your next plans?


10 Valuable Questions Shared $400ETH Award


When cryptocurrency exchanges will support these types of crypto domains?



Where can I track network transactions for my crypto domain? Is there any specific resource manager, such as we search our domain for an address?



What's the main difference between .eth domains & unstoppable domain's .crypto & .zil? As both are decentralized! Why we should go for .CRYPTO or .ZIL rather than .ETH domains? 



What will you say are the 3 biggest strength of @unstoppableweb



What is the main goal of Unstoppable and DAPP with this partnership? and what can we expect from you in 2020?



Is there any plan for the future to add DNS management like CNAME, A Records, etc.



About the integration to the browsers, the extension works will chrome and Firefox only? What about other browsers?

Any Plans to Bring Mobile App Friendly Domains?



Will UnstoppableDomains support a linking service for DNS resolution similar to *  with domains like * (or something similar to EthDNS)?



The unstoppable team is very hard working, what hasn't worked yet from this project?



Will the unstoppable team deal with security issues and how it will?


Congratulations! All the awards have been distributed to your .crypto address wallet!

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