$uni, $sushi and $cake, Which One Is Undervalued?

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If you are a DeFi token trader, these 3 DeFi tokens must be one of your crypto trading portfolios - $uni, $sushi, and $cake. 


30d data               Price       ATH       Current Price/ATH
    $uni $23.44     -7.4%    $44.92                 52%
    $sushi $11.52.     18%    $23.38                 49%
    $cake $20.07.    15.97%    $43.96                 45%


                          Data source: coingecko.com 09/09/2021


As shown in the above chart, only $uni experienced a 7.4% price drop in the past 30d. Both $sushi and $cake have a significant price up, +18% and +15.97% respectively. 


However, compared with ATH price, the current $uni price is 52% of its ATH. For $sushi and $cake, it is 49% and 45%. This means, even $sushi and $cake have positive price growth but these two tokens are still farther away from their price ATH compared to $uni. 


Does this mean $sushi and $cake have more room for price increase in the future? We will know it by the following fundamental data analytics and technical analytics. Read on.



Fundamental Data Analytics

As we can see on the above chart, Pancakeswap has the most traders while Uniswap has the largest trading volume in 30d.


However, as crypto investment is to invest in the future expectation, we should look more into the Growth strength to evaluate the potential. 


All of these 3 DEX still have a long way to go to reach their historical ATH of trader and trading volume. For growth rate, Uniswap has 2 negative growth - traders (-12.28%) and trade counts (-26.58%). Both Sushiswap and Pancakeswap have ALL positive changes in 3 metrics. Pancakeswap has the most significant growth: trader +34.31%, trading volume +42.63, trade counts +12.56%.



Technical Data Analytics

The 3 tokens have grown in holders amount, active address, and transfer volume in the past 30d. But compared to $sushi and $cake, $uni’s growth is relatively minor. 


$cake has the largest amount of token holders (670.64k +18.82%), active address (469.55k +14.02%), and transfer volume(23.27B +44.61%). 


For growth, $cake also has the most significant growth rate in holders number +18.82% and transfer volume +44.61%. 


Sum up,

  1. The current $uni price is more close to its historical price ATH. While the growth of both Uniswap (fundamental data) and $uni token (technical data) are the weakest among these three tokens.

  2. $cake has the most strength growth in both fundamental - Pancakeswap operation data and technical - holders/active address/transfer volume data. 

  3. So since the current $uni price is 52% of its ATH, while $cake is just 45% but with more significant growth, we can expect $cake will have more room to grow.

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