Time to Get a Blockchain Domain

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Hey explorers, if you’ve been engaging in the decentralized world for a while but haven’t got your hands on blockchain domains, you’re missing out! Today we and  Unstoppable Domains are excited to share with you what a blockchain domain is and why it’s so great to have one! And we're giving away a $1K domain name so...Keep reading!                                                        


What is a blockchain domain?

"A domain asset on a blockchain. New extensions (like .com or .info) launched as smart contracts on public blockchains. Domains are stored by their owners, no third party can take them away." —— Unstoppable Domains


What is Unstoppable Domains?

UnstoppableDomains.com is a place where you can buy domains easily, configure domains, and wherein the near future you’ll be able to build uncensorable websites and manage all of those tools.


What’s the difference between .com and blockchain domains?

The biggest difference is that these domains are on a blockchain and not in a centralized database. The way it works in the current domain world is there’s one centralized registry, and then there are permissioned writers to that registry like GoDaddy and Google Domains. And they have the ability to move your domain and they also have the ability to take your domain. That’s the biggest difference is that this is a censorship-resistant system, and they also work in payments.


What can blockchain domains be used for in the future?

So, you know about cryptocurrency payments, but everything that a traditional domain name can do, a blockchain domain will eventually be able to do as well. That’s the big picture.


Read More about blockchain domains.


Get a FREE blockchain domain!

Sounds pretty cool right? Here’s your chance to have your own blockchain domain with a catchy name and no one could ever shut it down! Dapp.com × Unstoppable Domains is giving away a $1K domain name to the lucky winner of our domain name poll.


How to join:

From September 20th to September 24th, follow Dapp.com on Twitter and join our domain name poll.

1. Vote, like, and retweet this tweet;

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One lucky winner will be announced on the September 25th EST and she / he will get the most popular domain name for FREE! To increase your chance to get selected, leave a comment under this article, either ask a question or tell us what domain name you’d like to have in the future!


Forget about .com and all, time for .zil!         

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