Spark Your Creativity with Blockchain

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People have been creating dapps that spark your creativity and also protect your digital rights. This week, we would like to introduce you to the latest dapps — they can help you get on an innovative trip in a way that is secure, simple, and inspirational. 


And we will also highlight one DeFi dapp and the other one with a Secret Santa, we think you may find it super useful during the holiday season!


Breaker: A content distribution platform built for the creators

We can’t master our story-telling skills in one day, but we do want to share our stories with the right people and the fair share. If you’re looking for a platform like that, Breaker is the one that you can call it home. 


Building on top of Ethereum blockchain, Breaker is a decentralized ecosystem that empowers artists and audiences in a way that is peer-to-peer, transparent, and also benefiting both sides of people.


The Breaker team wants to solve the creative industry's most fundamental problems and help artists to get a fair share with a faster and fully transparent payment. Artists will be able to finally get to decide how to distribute and monetize their content with much lower fees, and no more middlemen. 


If you are an artist, you will need to set up a MetaMask or Lightwallet first before uploading your content. You can choose to earn cryptocurrency or fiat currency, and you can split your earning amongst your team. The platform also provides a blockchain rights management system to protect your copyright. 


If you are an audience and you are familiar with YouTube, Netflix or Spotify, you will find Breaker is very easy to browse around and you will be able to enjoy the bold independent films, TV, and music all in one place. You can buy or rent content directly from the artist and pay with Ether or credit card. The payment goes straight to the content owner. 


Now you can use Breaker desktop dapp and the mobile version is coming soon. 


Art is for everyone. Breaker is the catalyst.


Pheme: A place that supports the independent publisher

With many content platforms out there, Pheme has a niche. If you’re already a blockchain-savvy blogger and looking for an alternative to Steemit, check out Pheme — a place that supports independent publishers. 


It’s a self-publishing platform that publishes a diverse selection of new articles, stories, and more. But what sets Pheme apart is the way it encourages the community to engage with each other by giving a small tip or endorsement, just like “Buy Me A Coffee” but on the blockchain. 


Pheme is also a self-sustainable platform since users pay for their actions, such as you will need to pay $0.2 (0.0014 ETH) to create an account on Pheme and some micropayments (like gas fee) for publishing your article too, but the article will be stored on Ethererum forever.

Send or receive NFT gift on Secreth Santa

Still using a random gift exchange website to plan this year’s Secret Santa? Let Secreth Santa “plan” it for you — trust us, (s)he will send you a purrfect gift and you’re going to love it. 


Secret Santa is a platform that allows people to distribute NFTs. It’s a queue-based, so if you join by sending an NFT gift to the last Secret Santa, and you will receive your gift from the next Santa and it could be a card from Gods Unchained or a Santa Claws from CryptoKitties, who knows! 


With Secreth Santa, gift-giving can be so much fun. By linking your MetaMask to the platform, select the NFT and send, and wait for your gift from Santa! 


DeFiZap helps to deploy capital across multiple DeFi protocols  

Fun fact: DeFiZap was the “DeFi Champion” from the Kyber Network DeFi hackathon. 


DeFiZap allows you to allocate the assets across multiple DeFi protocols in just one transaction. It will save you a lot of time as well as the gas fees. DeFiZap’s smart contract enables instant exposure and also helps to auto-spreads incoming deposits across multiple DeFi products — it's just like other DeFi products’ liquidity provider! 


If you are new to DeFi, you might find it's useful to take a little survey on DeFiZap before start using any products or making any decisions. The survey helps you to set the investment goal and give out a few recommendations. So, your future wealth manager is on the blockchain and you can start with DeFiZap now. 


Go try it, and let us know what you think. 


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