Satoshi’s Place: Let’s Paint on A 1,000,000 Pixels Artboard Together!

2020-06-30 08:30:00 · 87 views · 5 min read


Past 2 weeks, we introduced products that you can earn free Satoshis and buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies. Today we’re introducing a product to enjoy Graffiti with Bitcoin micropayments.



Satoshi's Place is an online collaborative artboard powered by Lightning Network.



This artboard has 3 features:

  • There are 1 million pixels on the canvas.

  • Each pixel costs 1 satoshi to paint.

  • Pixels can be painted over indefinitely.


Technically, Satoshi's Place is a great way to experience the speed of micro-transactions through the Lightning Network. It’s also a fun and decentralized way to share your message. If you're a developer interested in building scripts, bots and services for Satoshi's Place, there is also API documentation: The entire project is available, open-source, on Github.



In terms of art, it can be compared to a collaborative performance art conducted on the blockchain. Every time you open this board, you’ll find some new and creative paintings from people all over the world. The painting process is a part of the art itself. And you only pay 1 Satoshi to paint 1 pixel, so art is quite affordable here.


How does the creator of this project describe it? Check one of his twitter posts.



What a metaphor.



Perhaps, hundred or thousands of years later, when the future archaeologists dig along the blockchain, they’ll stare at your painting and try to figure out the mystery pattern you left behind.



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