With An 131.56% Increase in 90D Token Holders, MATIC Token Price Rallied Significantly

2021-06-21 09:50:00 · 41 views · 4 min read


Prices for Polygon’s MATIC token have rallied significantly so far, going up 267.51% in 90 days.



Check $MATIC token dashboard of holders, active address, transfer volume data. It all reveals this trend.

One of the most important signals you must know is its holder's number. You can see $MATIC holders data has continued steady growth in the past 90d with a total increase of 131.56%.

You’ll also discover that MATIC price is highly correlated with 2 important metrics: active address and transfer volume from the token dashboards. The 90d active address of MATIC greatly increased by 278.00%. And MATIC’s 90d transfer volume exceeded $22 billion, with a 464.67% increase



Even Mark Cuban invests in Polygon. "I was a Polygon user and find myself using it more and more," He said in an email.



According to Coindesk, DeFi projects continue flocking to Layer 2 Solution Polygon due to cheaper transaction costs and faster block time. Many leading Ethereum protocols such as Aave and Sushi have been working with Polygon.



You can spot this phenomenal transfer from the data dashboard for Polygon PoS Bridge. Polygon PoS Bridge is an asset bridge that users must use if they want to transfer their tokens from Ethereum to Polygon to participate in dapps on the Polygon network. The higher the volume, the more funds are flooding into the Polygon Network.

The PoS Bridge’s dashboards demonstrate the dramatic increase in on-chain data in the past 90 days. Funds and users are flooding into the Polygon network. Users +674.9%, deposit volume +4651.55%. 




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