Piggy Bank or Piggy Raid - A Special Etheremon Giveaway

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Red envelopes (Hongbao in Mandarin and Lai see in Cantonese) are small red packets containing money given to family members and friends as a symbol of good luck and prosperity during holidays like Chinese New Year. As a blessing, Etheremon and Dapp.com would like to invite you to join a special game called Hongbao and give out special luck to you through the red envelopes in the game! And not to mention, there's a very special Mon (with miraculous luck) is waiting for you to grab! 


What kind of luck are you going to get? Let's break it down for you: 

Daily prize: Hongbao

  • A limited number of daily prizes: 88 Hongbaos in total!  

  • 11 lucky people will be randomly selected to receive Hongbaos (8 Hongbaos per person)


How to Win Daily Hongbao Prize

  1. From January 28th to January 30th, follow Etheremon and  Dapp.com on Twitter;

  2. Retweet event post on Twitter and tag 3 friends that you’d like to say Happy New Year!

  3. Then you will be able to join Etheremon's Lucky Spin - meaning more luck and a chance of getting a special Chinese New Year reward!


How to Use Hongbao to join Etheremon's Lucky Spin and Get the Special Mon? 

Hongbao is an off-chain item and non-tradeable. You can use Hongbaos to get the reward from Etheremon's Lucky Spin here

Once you have 5 Hongbaos, you will get 1 turn of spin, the prizes are including:

  • 10 EMONT

  • 666 EMONT

  • 3 Hongbao

  • 66 Hongbao

  • 10 energy

  • 30 energy

  • Level Stone

  • Mystery Box

  • Piggicius - A Holiday Special Mon --- the Special Prize of the Year! 


Special Prize: Special Lucky Mon - Piggicius

Piggicius is the younger twin sister of Pigperus. Rumor has it that she has an ability to read the future and opponent’s thoughts, so she is aware of any potential danger around her or a dangerous attack beforehand, but there are also some who think it is due to her miraculous luck.


Alright, we're telling you that you need Piggicius, you need Hongbao, and you will need all the luck you can get. Go join the Hongbao event now! 



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