Relax At Your Tokenized Home, Swap Tokens and Explore Music All Over The World In One Click

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This week, we’d like to introduce you to some new dapps that will refresh and simplify your life: you can be connected to the music all over the world while staying at your tokenized home, and swap the earning into different tokens in one click.



You might get shocked at how convenient these products would be, but it’s alright, let’s have a look together:



Firstly, you can tokenize your home with OZ real estate tokenization and earn from it.



OZ aims to make it affordable for normal people to invest in real estate.


Similar to REITs, OZ operates the real estate and models them into a financial product. This makes it possible for individual investors to earn dividends from real estate investments—without having to buy, manage, or finance any properties themselves. What’s more, without having a big amount of money, investors can still invest in several different real estates to diversify the risk.



As house owners, you can offer to sell equity stakes in your homes to investors at the current market value. OZ converts the home equity into OZ tokens. When investors buy OZ tokens, the owners will get the cash.



For investors, you can buy the OZ tokens for any house. When it’s sold or refinanced, OZ pays token holders a share of the price appreciation. Investors can buy and sell OZ tokens in the OZ marketplace anytime.



This project is still work in progress but will be soon issued this year.



When you earn more tokens from your tokenized home, or from your investment to the real estate tokenization, you might need to swap them into other tokens. Matcha helps you do the token swap in one click.



Matcha is a simple decentralized crypto exchange(DEX) designed for everyone, by the team of 0x Protocol.



The website design is different from most exchanges. Instead of showing a long list of tokens, complicated price charts, green or red bars, Matcha is quite simple, fresh, and friendly to beginners. 



Tokens play the leading role in its interface. It provides fast, secure token swaps: You can trade directly from your wallet and there’s no account or sign up required to trade. 



Matcha aggregates liquidity from across exchange networks. It splits trades across 0x, Kyber Network, Uniswap, Curve, Oasis Trade, and its own proprietary liquidity sources to find the best prices for traders, so you can get the best price on every trade.



It will also remind you in a friendly tone when you might lose money in a trade.



While you click to enjoy the convenient token economy at home, you can also click on a world map, and get connected to music all over the world.



cXc Music is a map of music built on the Steem blockchain. It visualizes the music as colorful dots and locates them on a world map, which offers artists and listeners a new way to connect on a global and local level.



If you’re a fan of music, it’s really cool to discover fresh music by wandering all over the world. Hover over dots, and you’ll find they are all clickable. You can listen to the songs and meanwhile, see the players, links to the artist's profiles, and icons linking to the song itself. The songs are also sorted into different selections of Genres, Moods, and Formats to help you find what you want.



If you’re an artist, when you post a song on cXc Music, anyone looking at your city on the website will see it. To post music, simply double click on the map where the music was recorded. An add music icon will appear. Click this icon to bring up the add music dialogue. The song will be posted at this location. The place you locate a song should be the place most associated with it, like the artist's town, place of recording, or place the song is about. 



Anyone can post on cXc Music without an account. If you log in via your Steem account, you will be able to post their music and music they find on Steemit with one click. cXc provides free tools to share your music, and climb to the top of the charts in your area code and beyond.


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