Fight Coronavirus & Be Your Own Boss with These New Dapps

2020-03-09 10:55:00 · 37 views · 2 min read


What’s best to be safe from coronavirus? Stay Home! 


Feel boring? 


Why not try something new, fun and the potential to make some extra earnings?


These 2 new dapps are what you’ve been looking for!


NIFTYMOJI: have your own EMOJI and make it work for you

Limited Amount

There will only ever be 3,186 Niftymojis published on the blockchain. 478 Niftymojis have been minted. Why not mint

and get yours?


Mint Your Own Moji

New Niftymojis are minted with random on-chain power & Lucky Scores. 


Daily Mining Rewards

You can mine/earn MOJI Experience Points ($MEXP) Tokens every day for owning a MOJI!


Play to Earn More

Battle with others to earn $ETH and $MEXP



You feeling lucky today? Then do the below 2 steps!

      1. Mint your moji. Lucky users will be able to mint a popular emoji with high Power and Luck scores!


      2. Have your moji already? No worries, you can always re-generate your MOJI’s on-chain power and luck


          scores. Roll the dice to upgrade your MOJI!


TomoIssuer: Issue your own customized token without any coding


Having a great business idea and what to unleash its potential by the blockchain power? Maybe you are considering


having a token to kickstart. But…. oops… don’t know anything about coding? 


Don’t worry. TomoIssuer can help you to create your own token with 0 coding requirements. 



“User-Friendly Interface”

"No programming skills required"

"Flexible token customizability"


Anyone can easily issue a TRC21 token on TomoChain in a few steps.


Step ①

Go to TomoIssuer website, select "Issue New Token" and unlock your wallet.


Step ②

Set the below various token parameters on the token issuance dashboard.



Step ③

On the next screen, check whether there is any mistake in the information about the token entered in step ②.



Step ④


Now, the tokens have been issued. You can click “View Detail” to see your token details. 


Go build your business now!


Enjoy more new dapps here:



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