2 New Dapps: Bet in Provably Fair Casino, Trade All Kinds of NFTs!

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DeCas is a provably fair decentralized casino on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Layer 2. 

Features of DeCas

  • User friendly: You do not need to create an account, this app works with your crypto wallet.

  • Fair: As the games and all logic are built on top of the blockchain, it’s not only fair but open and verifiable.

  • Support multi-tokens: You can bet with all tokens that follow the BEP20 or ERC20 standard, if your token works on DEX it should work on DeCas as well.

At the time of writing, the total value locked in this decentralized casino is $134K.




Element, an Ethereum NFT trading marketplace favored by capital, is designed for creators, users and community, in order to help a large number of users enter NFTs market and promote the integration between traditional market and crypto economy. 

It has three main features:

  • Create

Create means mint. Element has designed a ‘delayed onchain’ mechanism to support creators to mint their own NFTs in one click without paying Gas fee. This means that creators can access the NFT trading market at virtually no cost.


  • Discover

Discover means search. Element provides data-based services such as asset classification, search, ranking, transaction history, etc. In this sense, Element is an NFT pro browser tool that processes data in Ethereum network, allowing users to search including wallet addresses, transaction volumes, and account addresses.


  • Exchange

Exchange is the core of Element. In terms of trading models, Element currently supports different trading services such as English Auction and Dutch Auction, and will innovate more ways to play at a later stage, such as the blind box system that the team is developing.

Element’s users, volume and transactions have all dramatically improved in the past 30 days: Users +3533.33%; Volume +222579.18%; Transactions +6615.38%. The users and volume broke ATH on the same day 17th Aug. The future performance of this NFT marketplace is worth looking at.




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