2 New Dapps: Receive NFTs by Hodling Your Tokens and Trade NFTs Across Chains!

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Carpe DAO - Hodl Your Tokens, Receive NFTs and Earn


Carpe DAO is a decentralized finance protocol where you can receive NFTs by still hodling your tokens.

The HODL Vaults allows you to deposit your assets and hold for the duration you specify. You can deposit $AAVE, $COMP, $CRV, $DAI, $MAKER, $USDC, $USDT, $WBTC, $WETH and $CARPE, the protocol’s utility token in the vaults to earn $CARPE token rewards

Once you deposit in the HODL Vault, you receive an NFT to represent the deposit. This allows for some fun stuff besides withdrawing your deposit. You can now:

  • Increase the deposited amount without changing the lock time

  • Transfer your deposit to another address

  • Sell your deposit in the soon-to-come Marketplace

It also has a swap feature just as other Dex, supporting the tokens as mentioned above.



The protocol will release more features such as Governance, Yield Vaults, HODL Vault NFTs Marketplace, LP Tokens Vaults, Incentives, Launchpool. All of this in an open-source, non-custodial, decentralised way.




Lootex BSC - Multi-chain NFT Marketplace


Lootex is providing a decentralized trading platform built across multi blockchains. So far, it supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Network. Based on data tracked by Dapp.com, Lootex BSC is the most popular one compared to that on eth.

Here in Lootex Marketplace, you can find the most popular NFTs from digital art, blockchain collectibles to game items on different platforms. Famous listed projects include BornBadBoys, Poopies, PolygonPunks etc.

Besides a colorful marketplace for NFT collectors, it provides another feature to NFT artists.

Forge serves the NFT creators. Whether you are an individual artist or a brand, you can find suitable solutions for NFT minting. 



Recently, Lootex BSC has experienced a dramatic increase in its on-chain data. The 90d data dashboard shows users +383.87%, volume +167.40%, transactions +749.49%.

On 5th Aug, its daily active users hit new ATH 55 and the daily volume broke a new record of $18.48K. 1 Day later, the transactions also reached a new peak of 138. Will it become the OpenSea on Binance Smart Chain? Keep tracking its data and see.




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