3 New Dapps for You to Trade NFTs & Stablecoins in More Innovative Ways!

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TopBidder - A Radical Auction Protocol


We are always saying you have 100% control of the NFTs you collect on the blockchain. However, today we are introducing a new type of NFTs, which you could only hold for a limited time even though you’ve already bid it. 



TopBidder is a radical auction protocol based on non-fungible token standards. It adopts the theory of radical market and implements a non-permanent owned crypto assets’ (Radical NFT, referred to as rNFT) production and auction mechanism.



The rNFT generated through the TopBidder protocol is an improved ERC721 Token. Unlike traditional NFTs, the rNFT protocol has its own pricing mechanism.


What are the features of rNFT?

  • Cannot be destroyed or restricted in circulation. Anyone can transfer rNFTs to their own address by increasing the price by 10%

  • Successive bidders of the artwork will also become parts of the artwork, this will bring a new form of artistic creation

  • It has both collection and speculation attributes to meet the needs of different types of bidders

  • The artists become the shareholders of their artworks, and enjoy 50% of the profit from each auction of the work in the future.

  • Transform the antagonistic relationship between artists and dealers into a win-win relationship


rNFTs start at a fixed price of 0.05 ETH. Except for the first ten transactions with a fixed increase of 0.05 ETH, each bid must be no less than 10% of the previous bid. The bonding curve of price uses a piecewise function:

  • Price = 0.05 * Rounds ( if Rounds≤10)

  • Price = 0.5 * 1.1^(Rounds-10) ( if Rounds>10)



The artist can earn 50% of the premium when a bidder bids with a higher price. So they become the shareholder of their artworks. And the former bidder can earn 30% of the premium as a subsidy.



TopBidder currently ranks No.7 in all NFT marketplaces by 30d volume.

The innovative price mechanism has gained great volume for TopBidder at the beginning of launch.

TopBidder’s users, volume and transactions all rocketed to ATH in late April. After the peak, all its on-chain data have sharply decreased. The $BID token price shows the same trend as TopBidder’s on-chain performance.


Liquidifty - Cross Chain NFT Marketplace


Want to add more utility to your NFTs’ value?



There are a lot of different and unique NFTs all over the different blockchains. Liquidifty tries to bring more cross chain liquidity to the NFT market. It’s currently built on the Binance Smart Chain.



It is developing cross-chain oracles that will analyze prices for NFTs on different blockchains and estimate the price of each NFT held by our users. So you will be able to use cross-chain NFT oracles to make full use of your NFT’s value: Take loans under the NFT collateral, earn with NFT vaults and more.  



What can you do with your NFTs with Liquidifty now? 


  • Collect in the marketplace

There are many featured NFT collections out in the Liquidifty’s marketplace for you to collect.


  • Create your own NFT 

You can mint your own NFT on Binance Smart Chain with less than $1 gas cost.


  • Buy NFT pack with chances to get a CryptoPunk

There are 10,000 NFT Packs. Some contain CryptoPunk #6691, others contain bored apes, or other works by Pak, XCOPY, Steven Baltay, x0r and Steve Aoki. There are no empty packs; each NFT Pack contains an NFT artwork. You’ll be able to reveal what NFT is inside your pack after all 10,000 packs are sold. 



The price for one NFT Pack is 10 $LQT, the utility token of Liquidifty that can be bought on PancakeSwap. As the dashboard below shows, the $LQT price at the time of writing is less than $1, so you’ll have a chance to buy a CryptoPunk for less than $10! And there’s no limit to buying: You can buy as many NFT Packs as you can – it increases your chances to get the main prize.

After the issue of LQT token, you can find that the LQT price is highly correlated with Liquidifty’s NFT trader amount and trade count


Dopple Finance - Stablecoin Trading on BSC


How to swap your stablecoins at the best rate on Binance Smart Chain?



Dopple Finance uses an algorithm that is designed for swapping stablecoins in the most efficient way. What’s more, the transaction fees are 4x lower than on PancakeSwap.


  • Swap

Dopple Finance currently supports the following stablecoins: DAI, BUSD, USDT, USDC, UST, DOLLY, BTCB and renBTC


  • Deposit (Provide Liquidity)

You can also become a liquidity provider for Dopple Finance. LPs earn trading fees in stablecoins by supplying funds to the underlying liquidity pools. You will also be rewarded with Dopple’s DOP tokens in addition by farming LP tokens or by staking DOP.

There are in total 5 pools: DOP LPs, 2 Pools LPs, UST LPs, DOLLY LPs and BTC LPs. The highest APY is 1861% for the BTC LPs.


  • Mint

Among the supported stablecoins, DOLLY is a USD pegged stablecoin issued by Dopple Finance. 

You can mint it with BUSD or USDT.


  • Yield Farming & Staking

Want to earn more DOP tokens? Stake your LP tokens.


Want to trade or invest in DOP tokens? Check the Dopple Finance’s data dashboard to get your price analytics.

The unique trader amount, dex trading volume and trade count first increased to ATH in May and June, then started to drop sharply at the end of June. 




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