2 New Dapps to Farm 728.50% APR and Rare NFTs

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Recently, a new face appeared at the top of Binance Smart Chain ranking.

A new DeFi, Biswap, ranks No.7 by 24h volume in all BSC dapps, just behind 1inch BSC and over winning Pancakebunny.



Biswap claims itself the first Dex on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and with the lowest fees in the industry. 

Basically, Biswap is similar to Uniswap. What’s more, you can swap tokens with fees returned in $BSW tokens. The Biswap token BSW is a BEP20 token launched on the Binance Smart Chain network.

There are Farms, Launchpools, Liquidity Pools and more to maximize your profit. You can add liquidity to the pool and earn income from token swap transactions, as well as receive LP tokens. 



The maximum APR is 728.50% for the USDT-BSW farm at the time of writing.



So how’s Biswap’s overall on-chain performance?

All the Biswap’s on-chain data have experienced a great increase since the protocol went live. The unique trader amount just hit new ATH on 15th Jun at 5,457. And the total dex trading volume tracked since 22nd May reached $496.10M.


Crypto Kombat


Crypto Kombat is an Ethereum-based collectible fighting game with crypto heroes. The game is based on the KOMBAT tokenomics. 

How to farm and mint NFTs on Crypto Combat?




First you need to buy KOMBAT tokens and provide liquidity in Uniswap.

  • Deposit KOMBAT, Earn VOMBAT, Mint NFTs.

Staking 1 KOMBAT token in the Pool earns you roughly 1 VOMBAT per day. With enough VOMBATs, you can mint an exclusive limited-edition NFT Hero. 


  • Deposit lpKOMBAT, Earn lpVOMBAT, Mint Limited NFTs.

Staking 0.00007 lpKOMBAT tokens in the Pool earns you roughly 1 lpVOMBAT per day. With enough lpVOMBATs, you can mint an exclusive LP Pool NFT. 




After farming enough VOMBATs and lpVOMBATs, now you can mint/collect different types of NFTs.

What to do next with your NFTs?




Fighting is an upcoming new feature of Crypto Kombat. You can gather your hero collection, waiting for the battle game.

If you’d like to stake KOMBAT, you need to keep an eye on Crypto Kombat’s dashboards. You will find out that KOMBAT price has a close correlation with the dapp’s users, transaction, and especially volume.

Crypto Kombat’s volume and  KOMBAT price reached ATH on the same day on 2nd May. Crypto Kombat’s on-chain users, volume and transactions have experienced a dramatic increase, then dropped. 


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