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This Thursday

Create Your Blockchain Playlist with Justin

1.5M TRX rewards - Your Homepage of Blockchain is getting its 2nd year birthday in June. Thanks for all your love. We are excited to announce that we are expanding our business to be your homepage of blockchain.


We made great traction in the past by allowing everyone to discover dapps based on on-chain stats - users, transactions, and volume. This is a successful alternative to traditional search engines, especially when looking for decentralized apps.


We want to achieve more than being the greatest marketplace for decentralized apps - which is being Your Front Page of Blockchain. 



1. Expand to An App Store of Anything Blockchain, Not Just Dapps. 


You will be able to find any blockchain utilities in the upcoming version of A brand new app discovery feature will allow you to find products on your needs, not just to find the technology they use. 



You'll be able to find a nearby pizza store that accepts crypto or service you stake your token for optimized interests. You could search via advanced tags such as “play to earn”, “licensed NFTs” built by our editorial team to unlock blockchain. 



2. Earn Crypto by Your Content and Referral 


We are exploring a way to have user communities involve product distribution and to generate profits. Just to imagine you could create your own blockchain app playlist like you do the same on apple music or Spotify - made a curated list of your most used blockchain product or the most interesting ones. You could earn crypto from contributing valuable content to your friends and groups. 



At meanwhile, You can also see what products that other influencers like Justin Sun are using.



We will be launching this a beta version with Tron Official on Thursday. And a super big campaign to celebrate the launch with 1.5M TRX given out. 


🎉 This Thursday, 1.5M TRX rewards, Create Your Blockchain Playlist

✨ - Your Homepage of Blockchain




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