Name Your Next Dapp

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Name Your Next Dapp

Are you about to launch a new Dapp? Then the name of your Dapp is crucial for its success. This guide will give you some tips on how you will find the perfect name that will attract multiple customers to your service.


Launching a new product is never easy. Users need to know about your technology and be convinced why your service is better than others. Having the right name for your Dapp is crucial for gaining great knowledge for your service. The name will be your potential customers' first meet-up with your business. Therefore, your name has the potential of sharing crucial information about your product, uniqueness, and values.


Just think about what is being communicated through a name like Popcorn Time. As a movie service, you would expect a name like Film Stream or Movies Now. But with the name Popcorn Time the developers described the whole social situation they wanted to create around their service. Now it’s time for a movie and therefore it’s also time for popcorn. The users can even taste how that’s going to feel.


So, multiple business leaders have pointed out how essential it is to find the right name for your business. So, how do you find the right name? We have some tips.


Brainstorm your values and uniqueness

First of all, it’s time to be descriptive. Write as many words as possible that will describe your Dapp in every aspect you can think of. What does it offer? What are the values behind your Dapp? Where should people use it? There’s an endless number of questions you can ask that will help you formulate some keywords about your Dapp.


After the brainstorm, look at all the words and pick the most precise and appealing ones. Don’t just take the right technological terms. Your users might not have the same knowledge about technology as you do. But they can relate to words describing feelings, emotions, or benefits to their life. How would your utilities benefit your customers?


Try to avoid generic words like innovative, fun, or smart. Who wouldn’t call their software smart or innovative? Use some words that can only be used for your Dapp and no one else's. Then you have a way better potential for getting a precise, unique, and engaging name for Dapp.


Seek help online

At this point, you might already have found your name. If not, don’t worry. We have a great tool to help you. With this business name generator, you will add the keywords you used to describe your business. Then you will be suggested a unique name for your Dapp that fits your branch and makes sure that the name isn’t already taken.


You can be sure that the name will already be search engine optimized. The obvious domains are not already taken, and the name won’t be difficult to spell for your users. In this way, they can easily find you online, and you will have a unique, engaging, precise, descriptive name for your business, that will give you a first premising step for success for your Dapp.

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