How to withdraw Dapp token

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[Airdrop Distribution Update]


If you participated in our two airdrop events and haven’t received DAPPT, please follow the guide as below and withdraw your DAPPT by 11:59 PM EST, August 31st, 2019 — after that, the withdrawal window will be CLOSED. 


If you have already requested the withdrawal, thank you for your patience!


We will process all the distributions by September 5th, 2019. 


>For those who participated in our first airdrop and haven’t requested withdrawal: 
How to Withdraw DAPPT from the First Airdrop Event -

>For those who participated in our Pre-Listing Airdrop and haven’t requested withdrawal: 
How to Withdraw DAPPT on Piexgo -


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August 2019



Step 1: Log in to


Step 2: Go to "Profile" -> Click "User Center".

Step 3: Go to "Profile setting" -> Update your "ETH Address" then "Save" it. 


You don’t have to go through this process if you have already done it during the airdrop tasks. Please make sure your withdraw address is NOT AN ADDRESS FROM ANY EXCHANGES. DAPPTs sent to any of the exchanges that haven’t listed DAPPT will end up losing your withdraw tokens.


Step 4: Go to "Rewards" -> Click "Withdraw".

Please note that you can’t withdraw if you have less than 150 DAPPT in your user account.


After press "WITHDRAW", you will see the details of the token withdraw. Please make sure you read the important note before proceed further.

Step 5: After press "WITHDRAW DAPPT", you will see the announcement of withdrawal processed.  


Q1: I have 100 DAPPT, why I can’t proceed to withdraw?

A1: Please note that you can’t withdraw if you have less than 150 DAPPT in your user account. There are more campaigns where you could earn more DAPPT. Please stay tuned with us.


Q2: I have submitted my withdraw request on Thursday, when do I get my DAPPTs?

A2: We process all the withdraw requests every Wednesday at 8 AM EST. Any requests after 7 AM EST on Wednesday will be processed in the next week.


Q3: Last time I checked the User Center and saw that I have 1,000 DAPPT from the previous airdrop and now it's only 500. Why my rewarded DAPPTs have gotten less?

A3: Some amount of DAPPTs have removed due to unqualified behavior during the airdrop for example invited invalid users, made false referrals, etc.


Q4: What happens if I put my Ethereum wallet address from Huobi exchange as my withdraw wallet?

A4: You won’t get DAPPTs that were sent to any wallets from exchanges unless DAPPT were listed there. You can get your wallet address from wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, ImToken, MyEtherWallet, etc if you don’t have one yet.



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