How to Create an EOS Account?

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Before we get our hands on EOS dapps, you will need an EOS account first. Getting an account before using a dapp - probably it’s not new to you, if you used Ethereum dapps before, or read our guide of “How to Use a Dapp”. But as for EOS, it’s slightly different - you need an EOS account to join EOS blockchain, AND you need EOS tokens first to set up a new account, which can hold EOS tokens… Sounds like a lot of work, but don’t panic, we will work you through the steps and make sure you will get your EOS account!


3 EOS Terms You Should Know

- RAM is used for permanent storage.

- CPU is used to execute transactions on the EOS blockchain.

- Network is the amount of data that can be sent from one point to another in a specific amount of time.

- CPU and network are joint resources that together are called BANDWIDTH.


How to Create an EOS Account?

Each EOS coin held by a coin holder corresponds with a certain amount of CPU, network, and RAM on the EOS mainnet. So creating an EOS account requires staking EOS tokens for RAM, CPU, and network.


Get an EOS Wallet & Set Up


  • Download Scatter wallet, you’re going to install Scatter wallet. (P.S. There are several EOS wallets available on the internet. Check out our resources page and find out more EOS wallets that alternative to Scatter.)


  • After clicking the “Download Scatter” button, you will see there’re three options that you can choose to continue: Mac, Windows, and Linux. Here we use Mac as an example.

  • Once the file is downloaded, open the file, install Scatter on your Mac and follow these next steps to generate a new EOS keypair.

  • Create a password and confirm:

  • Choose a backup for your password. Better copy and save it in somewhere safe, just in case. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO RECOVER YOUR WALLET.  

  • You will see term of use page - read it and click “Okay”.

  • Choose a folder on your Mac to save the backups.

  • Choose a folder on your Mac to save the backups.

  • Now you can add Keys:

  • Now you can add Keys. Let’s choose “Create a new EOS account” - click “EOS account”:

  • Your keys have created: first, copy your keys (Public and Private keys) and save them to somewhere safe.

  • Then click “Create Account”:



  • You will land on a page of creating your EOS account name - you are almost there!

  • Input an account name with 12 characters, e.g. myeosaccount - Make sure no one uses it. Then click “Use Name”.

  • Now you’re one step away from getting your EOS account - You will need to pay for your account’s RAM, CPU, and network. 

    To do so, you can either copy send amount (“Send at least”), your account name (you just created in the previous page)  with a note and ask your friend to help you pay for the RAM, CPU, and network.

    Or, you can use a 3rd party service (lie Account Creator or Name Vault) that can help you open EOS accounts and all you need to do just pay with other currency (either other mainstream cryptocurrency or USD).

Now it’s your turn. Go create your EOS account and let us know how it goes!

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