“Total 33 NFT+ 571,000 FDT Airdrops” Frutti Dino’s 2nd Presale & Whitelist

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Monoverse will host the presale in late March, with surprise rewards and lucky gift boxes for participants.

Monoverse, a blockchain gaming company that developed the play-to-earn NFT game Frutti Dino, announces its second presale for Frutti Dino tokens (FDT), with rewards in rare Frutti Dino NFTs. The presale will run from March 23rd to March 29th on the Frutti Dino website and will only be available to whitelisted users. 


Users can join the whitelist from March 14 to March 20 by following and subscribing to all of Frutti Dino’s social channels, including Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, and creating an account on its website. Once on the whitelist, users can access an airdrop giveaway on Gleam.io, where the company will hand out a total of 33 Dino NFTs and 571,000 FDT.


Whitelisted users can then subsequently access the second presale from March 23 to March 29, purchasing FDT with their BNB ($0.55 per FDT). For every 500 FDT purchased, they will get one lucky box. The box can hold rare Dino NFTs, Dino NFTs, and varying amounts of FDT, ranging from 10 to 10,000. Buying more FDT increases a player’s likelihood of getting a larger reward.


“We are thrilled to have another presale after the success of our first one late last year,” says Jaden Lee, CEO of Monoverse. “We are so proud to watch the Frutti Dino community grow. This presale is the perfect way to express our gratitude to our loyal users through surprise rewards and Lucky Boxes.”


About Monoverse

Monoverse is a new blockchain-based game developer made up of business experts and game developers from the 3N Korean game companies NCSOFT, NEXON, and Netmarble. The company’s game “Frutti Dino“ is one of the most awaited NFT Play-to-Earn games of 2022. Through a partial upgrade, crafting system, and gameplay, users can “grow” their dinosaurs to become more powerful. For more information, visit https://monoverse.io/


Whitelist link: https://gleam.io/competitions/2qGgP-frutti-dino-2nd-presale-whitelisting


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