Trust Dice x Community Exclusive Bonus - 25 Free Spins with No Deposit Needed!

2020-09-07 09:50:00 · 96 views · 4 min read


What Is Trust Dice?


Trust Dice is a casino platform built using blockchain technology, which means it’s fully transparent and provably fair. It offers various online casino games such as slots and poker, as well as blockchain-exclusive games such as dice and crash.



The games support cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, EOS, TXT token. For details, you can read this previous introduction by our editor: Dice, Dice, Trust Dice!



Want to enjoy the fair and transparent advantages of blockchain casino?



Now, you can have 25 free spins with no deposit needed! and Trust Dice together are presenting an exclusive campaign to the community! 



How to Get the Bonus?


Duration: 30 days



  • Hover on your account on the top right corner, click “BONUSES”.


  • Enter the community exclusive code [FS202009071102] in the blank, click “Proceed” to activate.


  • Now you successfully get the free spins. Click “Fire Lightning” to play and earn!


  • Click the round button below to start spinning. The $BTC you win is calculated at the bottom of the page.


  • After you use up all the 25 free spins, you can see your total win.


Now it’s time to earn your bonus, experience online blockchain gambling, and have fun!



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