Driving Mode On and Start Exploring the Decentralized City

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MegaCryptoPolis just launched the MCP 3D Demo recently and now you will be able to become one of the first decentralized citizens that can test a new Driving Mode on the decentralized city streets — And, you get to choose to ride on any car!  

                                                                                                     (A screenshot of Driving Mode)


This time, MegaCryptoPolis is giving away 20 Resource Packs for the MCP3D Microeconomy required to construct a building in the decentralized city. Besides that, any participant of the MegaCryptoPolis Bounty Campaign has the chance to receive one of 300 land plots on the decentralized city map.


How to Participate:

Join the giveaway campaign from May 21st to May 25th and complete these actions below to win valuable prizes:


1. Comment with a screenshot of Driving Mode (the second pic in this article) to the Twitter post OR Facebook post with a hashtag #MCP3D;

2. Tag 2 friends in your post;

3. Sign up on MCP Bounty and submit your post. Don’t forget to put your Ethereum wallet there and be prepared for the winning!


The MCP team will randomly choose winners after May 25th, 2019 and the result will be announced on MCP Twitter.  



- Resource Packs will be minted only for the winners before May 31, 2019.

- Land Plots will be minted on the day of MCP3D launch in Q4 2019.


About the Resources Pack and Land Plots

Resource Pack contains the supply of one Resource (like Wood, Brick, Stone, etc.) that is required to construct a building in MCP3D and is already tradable on the open market.

Want to learn more about MegaCryptoPolis? You maybe visit the official website here.


About the One Who Built the Decentralized City

Launched in May 2018, the MegaCryptoPolis decentralized city builder game had generated more than $2 Million in NFT trades and recently announced a major update for the game economy.

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