Data Dignity Is in the Air

2019-10-28 12:05:00 · 25 views · 3 min read

“Can’t Be Evil = Data Dignity” — Patrick Stanley, Head of Growth at Blockstack PBC


It’s not a secret — Google may do search better and Facebook may help the world feel more connected, but internet giants like these two use and cook our data — they try to know us better than we know ourselves, so they can sell us more stuff we don’t need (or even worse) and make the most profit of it.


We don’t want our data to become the new oil. We don’t want to “live in a better life” by giving up our data dignity.  


There is no better time than now to start using decentralized apps — dapps that respect your privacy and give you the power to control your own data. And you know what, quite a few of them slay the dapps vs. apps competition! 


Now let’s dive into the new dapps of the week:


MiseTokTok helps you beat the pollution and get the reward

Knowing what's in the air you breath is getting more important than ever, especially if you live in a big city. Go get smart in the smog now by using MiseTokTok to help make the toxic air a little bit more bearable!


MiseTokTok is a Klaytn-based, crowdsourcing dapp that provides real-time air quality information with a reward system. On MiseTokTok, you can monitor the level of dust concentration, and also you can earn Tok points by participating in daily TokTok activity, such as a survey (like “are you wearing a mask today?”), a quiz, and more. And of course, all your data from these activities will be saved on the Klaytn blockchain and so does your data integrity — it will be ensured upon Klaytn too. 


The dapp is available on Galaxy Store. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10, you can find the MiseTokTok on the Samsung Blockchain Keystore's online dapp market. 

POW!: Your private period tracker

Period trackers help you to get to know your own body and circle. But do you ever wonder who is collecting the data besides you and why are you keeping getting spam emails from health ads? These data are extremely sensitive and POW! is here to make sure you can take charge of your menstrual cycle securely. 


Building on top of the Blockstack Network, POW! is a menstruation-tracking dapp that respects your privacy — you have the complete control of your data. With a clean and modern interface, you can create different menstruation tags and use them to align your cycles and make predictions for future circles. 


POW! will be able to allow you to create custom analytics reports very soon. And it will give you a better idea of how the different factors play out throughout your cycle. Tracking blockers that pay you for your data

An unpopular opinion: You know tons of your data is being collected while you browsing the web, why don't you just make money out of it? After all, it’s your data and you deserve to have the choice of getting paid or not.


trakkin is a browser extension that automatically obscures your data that websites collect from you. Unlike ad blocker, trakkin will ask those websites to pay you for your data, such as email address, IP, click, and others. Once you’ve got paid with Bitcoin, your data will flow to those sites (like Google Analytics). 


Leveraging Blockstack and Lightning Network, trakkin gives you the choice of how you want to deal with your analytics data, you can make block it or earn crypto. Now it works on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave, and all you need to do is install the extension and log in with your Blockstack ID. 

Knight Story: Mobile RPG on Ethereum

The most popular EOS game EOS Knights is back in Knight Story, and they’re more powerful than ever. 


The brand new Knight Story is still a mobile-based game but built on Ethereum and TRON blockchain. From the teaser video, we can see that you will need to find a way to collect and train your mighty knights to make them stronger and team them up to battle with goblins. 


Now you’re interested? Great — we’ve prepared an exclusive event with Knight Story. Want to know more about the game and get your hands on the in-game item for the first time for free? Don’t miss out on our announcement tomorrow! 


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