Dapp Dot Tuesday: Buy One NFT, Get an Entire Wrapped BTC?

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Hello, Dapp.com users! We are introducing you to this specially prepared new column “Dapp Dot Tuesday”: Every Tuesday, you will be here to know what are the hottest things happening in blockchain, crypto, apps, and dapps. 



What is special? We tell you all the hottest news through data. 



This week, it will be about DeFi, stablecoin, crypto trading, and free bitcoin. Ready to unfold it and read on?




About DeFi


No.1 Payment Dapp and No.1 Finance Dapp

Finance dapp CHAI’s monthly transaction volume has exceeded $86M USD with a total of unique users of more than 2M. All the data makes it the No.1 payment dapp in Korea. 



And No.1 finance dapp ranked by 30d active users.




Compound Is Sliding?

Compound faces unexpected liquidation due to a pricing data error it got from Coinbase through an oracle. Compound users and transactions are showing a downward trend. The amount of daily active users dropped from 8k to 109.




Who Can Protect the Pickle Jar?

In November, someone drained the DeFi protocol Pickle Finance’s cDAI jar, resulting in a $20M hack. Then decentralized insurance protocol Cover passed a vote to cover Pickle’s hack, and paid out more than $280K claims in just 3 days. 



However, Pickle’s users/transactions/volume still all decreased last month. So did the $PICKLE token price. 




Buy One NFT, Get an Entire Wrapped BTC

The popular DeFi + NFT project Meme has unveiled an NFT art installation and social experiment project - the Rug Pull. There are 12 NFTs in the collection, and one holds an entire Wrapped Bitcoin, worth about $18,800.



How to know which NFT holds the Bitcoin? 



Only the owner of each NFT has the chance to break it apart, to delve inside the code. The auctions started on Monday, November 23, 2020, at 9 AM EST; after 24 hours, the countdown timer would reset for 12 minutes after each bid. 



This has pushed Meme’s daily volume to reach a new high at $304.31K on 24th Nov.




Put My Sushi Back on the Plate!

Observers noticed that on 29th Nov, Sushiswap experienced an exploit, and the anonymous head developer 0xMaki took quick actions to warn and stop the attacker. Later, news from the Sushiswap Discord channel indicated that the exploit had been resolved. All the lost user funds, worth about $10,000 to $15,000, would be covered by the Sushiswap treasury. 



With its reputation recovering, the $SUSHI token price is also going up, so does its volume in the past 30d. 




Facebook’s Libra Is Coming


The long-awaited digital currency, Facebook’s Libra, is reported to launch in January 2021 as USD stablecoin. The Financial Times wrote that the Libra Association plans would add more fiat currencies to back Libra’s value.



When we mention stablecoins, you must think of three common stablecoins: USDT, USDC, and TUSD at first. DeFi is developing very fast, there are other stablecoins in the current market that are worth knowing in addition to these 3 common stablecoins. Check these 2 new stablecoins to earn up to 21.89% APY



Add more new stablecoins with high interest to your watch list here. 




Something Related to Your Crypto Trading…… 


Crypto Tax is coming to more countries. 



The OECD’s tax director said that a common reporting standard would be launched to combat tax evasion and strengthen regulations.



Need help with your crypto tax reporting? Here are our editor-selected crypto tax solutions.




Do You Shop on eBay?


Crypto shopping rewards app Lolli integrates with the online shopping auction platform eBay. Now you can shop and earn 1% free Bitcoin back! Did you fill your cart on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?



Besides Lolli, here are some more BTC passive income ideas for you. 



Not a crypto user? Everything related to Bitcoin can be found here.



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