Dapp.com Partnered with Fuse Network as a Node Validator - Stake $FUSE and Earn Up to 100% APY on The Growing Ethereum Scaling Layer

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We are more than happy to announce that Dapp.com has joined Fuse Network as a node validator to verify transactions and secure the network. This would also allow $FUSE token holders to delegate staking to the Dapp.com node and earn staking rewards. We have also added $FUSE staking to the Dapp.com Earn Program for easier access -  participants will be able to earn up to 100% APY (Currently 72.9%).




What is Fuse Network and $FUSE?

FUSE Network is a EVM Compatible Smart Contract Platform serving as a scaling layer to the Ethereum blockchain. Fuse network focuses on empowering entrepreneurs and businesses around the world to turn their communities into thriving economies. Payment services, credits, stablecoin based economies, DeFi apps are utilizing Fuse for their secure and friction-less mobile payments with ease.

(Performance of Fuse Network since launched in July 2019)



Economies such as WikiBank (Donation app for Spain community), Good Dollar (UBI project by eToro), Mystic Valley (fully mobile, blockchain-based payment solution for music festival), etc are some of the existing Micro-Economies Powered by Fuse. 



$FUSE, or the FUSE Token, is the native token fueling the Fuse Network. Holders of $FUSE will be able to use services on the network and also participate in the governance of the network. 




Dapp.com to Accelerate the Fuse Ecosystem

  • Secure and Govern the Network a Node Validator 

To be part of the Fuse Network and commit to accelerating the ecosystem growth, Dapp.com has staked 100,000 $FUSE to join as a validator. This means that all our users will be able to stake their $FUSE and earn staking rewards from Dapp.com. 



This is our first-time involvement as a validator of a network outside of Ethereum, as seeing the potential growth of the Fuse Ecosystem. 



  • Adding Fuse as the 21st Blockchain Tracked by Dapp.com

Further integration of tracking performance of the Fuse Network and Fuse Dapps is scheduled by early February. Dapp.com users will be able to see dashboards of Good Dollars, FuseSwap etc. together with other leading blockchains like Binance Smart Chain and Zilliqa. 




How to stake $FUSE and earn up to 100% APY?

In Fuse Network, the inflation of $FUSE supply is set to be 5% every year.  This means that all the staked token invalidating will be receiving a respective reward for their participation. 



Visit https://staking.fuse.io/ and connect your wallet (Metamask is recommended) 


  1. Connect Wallet - If you are currently on Ethereum Network (Default), you will need to add or change to the Fuse Network. 

  • Choose “Custom RPC”

  • Fill in the following information to add Fuse Network


  1. Find Dapp.com Node. 

  2. Key in the number of $FUSE you want to stake - You could see the expected reward in the dashboard. Currently, the APY is 72.9%.  You will be asked to sign a transaction after clicking “Stake”. You could always unstake and move your $FUSE token by paying a small amount of gas fee.

  1. Once you stake, you will be receiving staking rewards constantly and it will reflect on your account balance. 


Accumulating $FUSE token? Get it from Uniswap or find the best price at 1inch



Once you've acquired $FUSE token on Ethereum you will have to transfer your $FUSE to Fuse Network using the FuseSwap Bridge


  1. Connect your wallet to Fuseswap. Your wallet should stay on Ethereum Network.


  2. Click on “Bridge”, Select “FUSE” from the dropdown and enter the amount of $FUSE you want to transfer from ETH mainnet to Fusenet. Click on “Approve FUSE” and approve the transaction on Metamask. You will need to spend some ETH as gas fee. 


3. Once the approval is confirmed on-chain, click “Transfer”. Once you've approved the transaction your $FUSE will be transferred to the Fuse Network. Once the transfer is done the app will automatically assign you some free $FUSE for the gas fee in the Fuse Network! You could switch to Fuse Network and see your assets there. 

When you transfer your token from Fuse Network back to Ethereum you will be using the bridge in reverse. More info could be found here.



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