Level-Up Trading Analytics Tools - Dapp.com & Candlestick Partnership

2022-04-25 07:12:41 · 767 views · 5 min read


Dear Dapp.com Community,


Thank you very much for your company along the way. You guys make what we are today. 


With Web 3's development, data has become the new oil in the new digital world. Dapp.com comes in, decodes the on-chain data of each dapp, and ranks them (DeFi, Dex, Games, etc.) based on a dapps' activity (daily active user number/transactions/volume). It has now become a key indicator when identifying opportunities in the space. 


But Alphas always want more than just the fundamentals of what we are offering at Dapp.com. In addition, there is the technical analytics of the token trading, e.g., buy/sell pressure, trading activities, liquidity actions, and more financial grade charting & tools to empower your tradings. 


And here's the delivery. We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Candlestick.io. 


Candlestick is a crypto investment intelligence platform that decodes all on-chain activities into actionable charts for professional traders that offers  


- 40+ exclusive tools, including Net Buy Analytics, LP Activities, HODL price tracking, etc. 

- 20+ Well-translated, actionable bullish/bearish signals.

- Highly flexible smart money charting, including ETH whales, smart farmers, etc. 



What happened in the partnership? 


Since its founding in 2018, Dapp.com has curated and labeled over 8,000+ dapps, 100,000+ smart contracts, and decoded over 250,000+ on-chain event logs on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and 20 other blockchains. Candlestick will apply such a data set to fuel part of the pro charting tools. That means potentially, all the dapps listed on Dapp.com, especially those Defi & DEXs, will be integrated into Candlestick's trading data. 


In return, Candlestick will help Dapp.com to the next level by offering: 


1. Making our services more scalable by increasing our ability to process more complicated datasets. It is crucial, especially when we are adding more dapps & chains. 


2. Granting us access to its database so that we could offer more analytics that covers the fundamentals. 


3. Offering exclusive benefits to our users, including early access to their services and free access to their paid plans.



Take a sneak peek at some of the top-level token indicators you've never seen anywhere else from Candlestick.


  • Average Hodl Price 


  • Net Buy Amount 


  • Balance on CEX




Candlestick will release its beta for whitelisted users in Mid-May. WL users can use Candlestick before anyone else starting May for two months free ($200+ worth). The WL would ONLY be given to qualified users meeting the wallet activities requirements. You could apply now via the Candlestick WL Campaign


We are also giving away 30 Candlestick Beta Whitelists to the Dapp.com family as a reward to our users with this partnership. You could be a WL user regardless of meeting their requirements. Join via here.


And we will bring more exclusive benefits to Dapp.com users. We hope to help you make a smarter and more profitable investment in your crypto journey.


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