Dapp.com x Opera Dapp Store Opening Carnival: Win $500 Worth of Rare NFTs in Sorare

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Dapp.com x Opera Dapp Store Opening Carnival: Total $5,000 worth of tokens and NFTs to win using the Opera Browser, at the same time you can enjoy the convenience and fun!



To have fun and earn in the Opening Carnival, you need to learn how to activate your own Opera Wallet first.




Sorare: $500 Worth of Rare NFTs to Top 10 Players During The Campaign, $50 Each 


10 Days, start on 27th July



Sorare is a global fantasy football game where you can scout, collect NFTs, and then compose your own teams for competitions. If have a good team score in the competition, you will have the ability to earn money by simply playing the game.



$500 Worth of Rare NFTs to Top 10 Players:




$500 worth of rare NFTs to Top 10 Players during the campaign, $50 each.

Prize Example: $50 worth of rare Sorare Card at market price



  • Sign up to Sorare via this special link https://sorare.com/?referrer=Dapp.com through Opera browser, and connect wallet with Opera Wallet.

  • Compete in the Sorare's DIV4.

  • The first 10 players who score more than 294 points will get a $50 NFT. 

  • The NFT rewards will be transferred directly to your wallet.


We’ll update the number of rewards left to claim every Friday on this page.





Your prize will be distributed to your account by the end of next Friday (14th Aug).


 Nickname  Score 
 Abah  942
 Aditya827  892
 holocene  889
 Arrow bhu  867
 kimsoheyun  828
 fesroro  774
 RickySimon12   685
 Jonpande  632
 Mayday  558
 Professor  516



How to Connect Opera Wallet and Compete in DIV4? 

  • Sign up to Sorare via this special link through Opera browser. Enter the required information to sign up.

  • Log in to your account through Opera browser and click the wallet icon on the top left of the screen.

  • Click the “Connect” button, and you’ll see the pop-up. Click “Allow” to connect with your Opera Wallet.

  • You can deposit ETH in your wallet to buy in-game NFTs, or withdraw the money you earn in the game.

  • To compete in the Sorare's DIV4, click “S05 Fantasy” on the header. Choose “Division 4” and start playing now!



To see the prizes, rules and guidelines for other dapps,  click here to return to the main campaign page.



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