33 Topics, 9 Ranking Dimensions, Which Blockchain Topic Are You Interested in?

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Have you noticed a new button on our website header? Yes, our new topic page is now live!



To provide both newcomers and senior users rich and comprehensive content, we present this brand new function - Topic. How to make full use of this function and explore the blockchain industry as an expert? Let’s dive into it.




A Variety of Topics for Everyone


We first launched 33 topics. From the latest hot issues to each public blockchain, whatever you’d like to explore in the blockchain industry, you can find it.



What will be a topic in dapp.com? Basically, the topics are any blockchain product related keywords that you are looking for or you will be interested in. 



When you are new to blockchain, you may need to find a safe and user-friendly wallet. Then you can go to the Wallet” topic to check the wallets we recommend and then see which wallet has the best user rating and highest traffic score



If you are an experienced cryptocurrency investor who is doing yield farming, you’ll find a great number of useful facts, market statistics, and news in the "DeFi" (decentralized finance) or "DEX" (decentralized exchange) topic. More specifically, there’s an Ethereum DeFi topic for the most dynamic DeFi market. 



Or, if you are addicted to blockchain games, you can discover the latest and most popular games in the "Games" topic. Looking for jobs in the blockchain industry? Check the "Job Search" topic then. 



Each blockchain also has its own topic, from the major ones like Ethereum, TRON, EOS to the newly uprising ones like Polkadot, Hive, and WAX.



Reviewing over 30 newly submitted blockchain products every day, Dapp.com team is able to react fast to the industry’s latest hot products. We will continue to update/create interesting new topics for you.



Multi Perspectives, Comprehensive Insights


There are overall 9 dimensions to rank the apps and dapps in a specific topic: Interest, Recommendations, New, Chain Performance, Total Value Lock, Token Gain/Loss, Token Market Cap, Token Trading Volume, and Alexa Ranking.



Take DeFi topic as an example. The pre-set ranking on the topic page is Interest, which is measured by a product’s mentions on the internet. The more it is discussed, the higher it will rank. It’s surprising to note that the top mentioned DeFi project in social media is Origin Dollar (OUSD). Another dimension, Alexa Ranking, is measured by a project’s official website’s popularity. So you can compare which project has the most visits worldwide. These are unique rankings on Dapp.com, which will bring you new interesting findings of a topic.



You can also check the ranking by chain performance, including DAU (daily active user) and volume. For those projects that issued their own tokens, they can be ranked by the token gain/loss, token market cap, and token trading volume, which are important research data for crypto traders.



With the different ranking perspectives, blockchain rookies get to know the top projects under a certain topic, while masters can easily handle the market. Relevant articles and playlists by our editorial team are also attached to each topic, just like on your bookshelves.



On-chain & Off-chain


As Dapp.com has already expanded to an app store of anything blockchain, not just dapps, you are able to find both on-chain and off-chain products on each topic page. Previously, you might only seek for decentralized exchanges’ performance on dapp.com. Now we have a centralized exchange topic that covers the need of CEX’s users. 



Which blockchain topic are you interested in? Feel free to explore it on our new topic page: https://www.dapp.com/topics.



If you have an interesting topic in mind that we haven’t covered yet, tell us in the comments!




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