Dapp.com AMA: Episode 3 | Highlights | Urban Osvald, CSO of 0xcert

2018-11-03 00:23:11 · 50 views · 5 min read

We thank Urban Osvald the CSO of 0xcert for doing a great AMA session with us. We especially thank the community for giving us great questions. Almost everything imaginable was covered, from the future of NFT's to insightful discussion about other protocols all the way to 0xcerts plan to support compossible NFTs. Below are all the questions that were covered with their specific time URL.


Q1: Hello Urban! 0xcert had a very successful ICO this year, congrats! Where are you guys at right now? Are you planning on listing ZXC on big exchanges? 2:25

Q2: Could you please share some insights on the future of non-fungible tokens? What are some of the real use values beyond gaming and art collections? Thank you! 3:59

Q3: When and why you decided to join the blockchain industry? 6:44

Q4: How do you think of the user market of this year and the next few years? Should we confront the future with optimism? What we should do? 8:04

Q5: What's your thought on the other protocols? For example, like ERC-1155 and ERC-998. And also, what if there's a case that people only want to use/borrow the token and don't want or have to own the token. Do you think we can solve this case by using any of those protocols? And are you guys working on any new protocols? 12:11

Q6: Which user case do you find fascinating at the moment? 15:42

Q7: What do you think of the scalability issue of Ethereum? How will 0xcert deal with all the slow transactions and high fees? What are the key factors for designing a good token economy? How to create a strong incentive for the adoption of NFT? 19:26

Q8: Any insight on how to land a job in the blockchain industry? 2. Can you recommend some promising NFT projects in the market so far? 26:47

Q9: Does William still work with 0xcert? 29:59

Q10: The project looks pretty much focus on the developer side. Do you think it's the key factor that towards to the blockchain mainstream adoption? 30:48

Q11: What's the goal for your anther project Non-fungible alliance? What other projects are you currently working on, besides that Non-fungible alliance? 32:19

Q12: Hi Urban, what is 0xcert plan to support compossible NFTs and any tangible work in the industry on a standardized approach. 38:36

Q13: CryptoKitties just raised another round of $. Guess they're not just a simple NFT or game anymore. But what's NFT now and what's beyond the NFT? 40:58

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