How bearish the market is? stETH farming pool balance turn negative again.

2022-06-21 04:11:46 · 19 views · 5 min read


stETH: ETH price ratio is an essential indicator of market sentiment. Logically, stETH price should be higher than ETH as it includes the future interests. However, now the stETH price is lower than ETH. It indicates traders look negative about the ETH future.


Further data analytics about stETH to understand how bearish the current market is.


Large liquidity REMOVAL on Jun 20 $-1.28M.



$stETH Top 2 Addresses Balances 1-d changes turned NEGATIVE again.


- AAVE interest bearing stETH $-44,886M
- lido: curve liquidity farming pool $-3.4M


If you are a long-term diamond hand, you must care more about the long-term market trend. stETH data metrics of Net Buy Amount, Net Add Liquidity, & Top Addresses holdings are the 3 essential indicators to keep track of.


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