How to Create a Daily Workflow to Find GEMs on Candlestick? 3 Steps

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One of the most exciting stories in crypto is that someone invested a few thousand Money into a hidden crypto gem and turned into a millionaire.


Cryptocurrencies and tokens which are undervalued and out of the public eye are the so-called crypto gems.


Those cryptos can potentially deliver significant profits and create millionaires overnight once they enter the mainstream and go popular.


The key is to find them first.



Explore: Find Crypto Gems


Candlestick “Explore” offers nine real-time updated leaderboards. This function ranks the top coins based on our exclusive indicators, such as the Net Buy Amount and the CEX Net Outflows, etc., covering 99% of data on Ethereum.


Check Leaderborads Frequently


We provide 5mins, 1H, 1D, and 3D resolutions in the leaderboards. Always click “update” refreshing data to capture an opportunity.


For example, On Jul 5, in the 1H Top Gainer leaderboard, we found out the VOW token was the number one gainer across all cryptos in the past 1 hour. Then, the price skyrocketed 50.48% 24 hours later.


This information was valuable because the VOW token didn’t squeeze into the top five before.


Smart Money Buy or Sell?

Another tip is when you apply the “Explore” function, turning on “Smart Money” can get a multiplier effect on the hunting.


For example, on July 1, we discovered the MESSIER (M87) token was pumping, and Smart Money had invested it in the past 24 hours.


It’s a pretty bullish signal hinting the price may go higher. On Jul 6, the price already doubled.

M87 - Top Gainers 1D



Analytics: Check Further to Validate The Crypto Gems


The “Explore” page can offer gems, but exclusive Candlestick signals are the next step to confirm bullishness or bearishness.


Check a Signal


After finding a crypto gem in each leaderboard, you can directly click on its information to jump to detailed analytical metrics.


For example, on July 6, we observed MLP token with a sudden significant 5mins Net Buy Value surge.


Then we visited the MLP Net Buy Amount indicator to check whether its Net Buy Amount peaks and the price is already up?


MLP - Net Buy Amount


In this case, the moment we checked MLP net buy, the metric formed a positive peak, but no divergence existed. So if you read our trader tips before, you will know it’s not entry timing.



Apply Unique Trader Tips


There are strategies to use our signals more efficiently.



Turn on Smart Money


Smart Money’s actions generally occur before the market reflects on price changes. Therefore, Smart Money’s movements are vital when analyzing crypto gem signals.


For example, on Jun 30, the ApeCoin Smart Money CEX Flow metric indicated that Jump Trading withdrew $992.09K $APE from the Binance exchange. It’s a bullish signal because this action represents fewer sellings and more confidence in the ApeCoin. 


The market reflected positive a few hours later. On July 1, $APE rebounded to $4.72.


APE - Smart Money CEX Flow


Candlestick labeled 1139 Smart Money addresses, including 390 Defi OGs, 40 Crypto VCs and founders, and 849 Smart DEX traders.



We support the Smart Money function with 20+ indicators. You can learn more in this tutorial: How To Track Smart Money?



GEM Radar: Reach Crypto Gems in Your Inbox


Last, there are the most straightforward trader tips to stay close with crypto gems: subscribe to the Candlestick Newsletter – “GEM Radar.”


Just visit, scroll down to the footer & hit “Subscribe” for free. We will send you the latest crypto gem news and analytics every weekday. 


Subscribe - "GEM Radar"




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