Calling All the Cheeze Heads — Cheeze Wizards Exclusive Giveaway

2019-11-10 08:00:00 · 38 views · 3 min read

Are you a cheese head? Us too!


The Cheeze Wizard tournament is in full swing and the team is giving out three Neutral Wizards for FREE only for community. 


Join the contest now before the Championship phase of the tournament begins! 


How to Participate:

From November 10th to November 13th, please follow three simple rules:

  1. Follow and Cheeze Wizards on Twitter;

  2. Like and retweet this post;

  3. Tag three friends who trade crypto ($BTC, $ETH, $XRP, $EOS, etc)! 

The Cheeze Wizards team will randomly choose three lucky winners on November 14th, 2019.


The Cheeze Wizards You Will Be Getting from the Content: 

Three Neutral Wizards are waiting for you to grab and each of them worth 0.07 ETH. What's better? It will be your chance to participate in the Cheeze Wizards tournament to win over 675 ETH tournament (it's about $128,000)!


About Cheeze Wizards

Cheeze Wizards is the world's first blockchain battle royale with cheese. In the world of Cheeze Wizards, magic is power, power is ether, and being the Big Cheeze is everything.  

The Cheeze Wizards Tournament is a test of skill, power, and cheese. Players summon Wizards to compete in the tournament, and every Wizard summoned increases the size of the Big Cheeze. Wizards battle in one-on-one duels, with the winner gaining a portion of the losing Wizard's power proportional to their victory. During the last phase of the tournament, blue mold takes over the tournament, devouring the least powerful Wizards.

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