Easy “Bitcoin Mining” And Earn Up to 4.84% Interest?

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$BTC is over 12,000 again which is the highest price in 2020 so far. Trading Bitcoin is one way to gain profit in this bull market. However, for those who prefer to hold BTC for the long term, you can still earn profit from your BTC in hand. “Bitcoin Mining” is the way. 



When you hear Bitcoin Mining, your first reaction may be “Oh, it is too hard.” Traditional Bitcoin mining is a bit too far off from normal people. Bitcoin mining is performed by high-powered computers that solve complex computational math problems. So in order to take part in Bitcoin mining, you will need to buy mining machines, put them to a place where the electricity bill is lower, etc. What’s more terrible is you need to fight against the technology upgrade of mining machines. Because all those mining computers are completing for the hash rate. New mining machines will have a higher hash rate with no doubt. 



People do all these complicated things because they want more Bitcoin back. But you know actually, you can join “Bitcoin Mining” in a much easier way and enjoy the same or maybe higher benefit? We call it “Bitcoin Staking”. Earn bitcoin back from bitcoin. 



We looked through over 20 platforms that have bitcoin staking function and select the ones that we think are worth recommending to our users. 



Unique advantages/disadvantages of the above platforms:



  • A P2P platform. You need to select the target return rate and the duration from all those borrowers’ offers.



  • Flexibility. You can withdraw your fund whenever you want.

  • Since it is a centralized platform, interest is calculated daily instead of every second.

  • No limit of the deposit amount



  • If you have more than 50,000 CRO staking, you will earn a higher interest rate



  • Top exchange, reliable

  • Flexibility. You can withdraw your fund whenever you want.

  • No limit of the deposit amount

  • Low annual interest rate


To slow to get BTC by bitcoin mining? What about buying bitcoin directly with the best price?



Mining BTC is too slow? Buy it now:


(Powered by Moonpay. Support 6+ payments, credit cards acceptable.) 



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